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Real wedding on Mudeford Quay captured by Libra Photographic

Dorset based wedding photographer and family man with an upside-down head. Spending my days on star ship Earth meeting extraordinary people and documenting their experiences for future Earthship travellers.

Libra Photographic – in a nutshell

  • Documentary Photography and fantastic portraiture
  • Over 20 years’ experience, a photoholic
  • Yes, won awards
  • A social chameleon
  • Likeable and funny

“Daddy, why is it wherever we go people always know you and speak to you?”

That is the moment I noticed the amount of lives my photography has touched. The innocent observations of a six-year-old child. So many people remember the person capturing the emotions of a celebration, not only the happy couple but all those guests too. Often, I’m at a wedding and I get asked the question

“So…. how long have you known the bride/groom?”

Then I know I’ve done my job well, I’m no longer the outside service invading the wedding celebration I have been accepted as a friend.

When Nathan was asked why he is a wedding photographer

“I consider myself a thief and I am proud of that. I steal moments from weddings and immortalise them for you, forever. My service as a photographer might be my job, but my passion for the work I do is my gift to you.”

We had originally booked a different photographer for our wedding but changed to Nathan after seeing him in action at another wedding we were at! And what a great decision this was! Nathan was great on the day, he made sure he spent enough time to get those photos that you dream of looking back on but at the same time we felt that we had plenty of time with family friends and each other

Specialising in a fusion of documentary photography and spectacular portraits Nathan aka Libra Photographic has developed a style born out of over 20 years and photographing weddings, over 500 of them. “It’s your wedding day not my photoshoot” that is the motto that Nathan stands by, and experience is his guide to being in the correct place at the right time.

Libra Photographic is a Photographer based in Dorset but travels all over the world, “meeting extraordinary people is one of the perks of the job and if it means travelling to meet them that’s part of the fun.” Dubai, Lake Como and Venice are a few of the locations shot at previously but the South Coast of England is just as beautiful.

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