John Hope Photography

John Hope Photography

John Hope is a UK and destination wedding photographer based in Yorkshire and travelling wherever in the world his wedding bookings take him! John’s style is documentary, relaxed and unobtrusive – and his images are full of passion and emotion, capturing the precious moments you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Hi! I’m a wedding photographer based in Leeds but I travel all over the UK and internationally, wherever my work takes me. I love how in a coming together of vision and technique, anything from raw energy and euphoria to complete peace and tranquillity can be captured forever in the click of a shutter.

Weddings provide so many amazing, defining moments in people’s lives so it’s a truly great privilege to be chosen by my clients to record them for years and generations to come. My aim is to capture these moments in a creative, organic way. I’m not about ordering people around or directing things. But I’ll be there, unobtrusively documenting the day as it unfolds: the joy, the laughs and the tears: the story.

If you were to ask what drives me as a photographer then I’d say that I love emotions, I love passion. I love capturing those special fleeting, ‘gone in the blink of an eye’ moments. I love manipulating light and shooting creatively. Through the wedding day I have a relaxed, story-telling approach and only really step up and ‘take control’ for the portraits where I’ll make sure you’ll get something breath-taking to hang on your wall!

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