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Nikki Stark makes elegant, ethical jewellery, hand crafted to order from recycled gold and silver.

Nikki Stark Jewellery – in a nutshell

  • wedding rings
  • engagement rings
  • bespoke and made to order
  • fair trade

A piece of personal, hand crafted jewellery is a lovely way to mark an occasion, remind you of something or someone important, or just give yourself a well-deserved treat.

There are a lot of facets to the jewellery industry, and when I was younger I had images of sparkly, Oscars ceremony worthy costume jewellery all over my walls. These pieces however have minimal use for most of us.

One of my close friends whose wedding jewellery I made has talked about sitting in a traffic jam with her hands on the steering wheel, watching the sun pick up the warmth in her white gold rings. Simple, wearable pieces can quietly add beauty to our everyday existence. Looking down at your fingers when you are waiting for the kettle to boil and gently moving your hands to watch a tiny gem’s colour pop in the light, or the sparkle move over a hammered surface.

Solid precious metal jewellery is a far more ethical choice than plated pieces with a limited life span. These simple, practical designs are intended to be suitable for decades of daily wear.

My pieces are made in a small workshop with traditional hand tools, one piece at a time. Making each piece to order enables me to tweak things to work for each individual, and to offer all possible ring sizes to get a perfect fit.

I don’t launch new collections twice a year, throwing a load of designs out and replacing them with a new set. I believe that to build an ethical brand the churn needs to be abandoned. I also offer a selection of pieces in recycled gold and silver.

Some simple pieces are available to order directly from the website. For more complex pieces or for advice and guidance I am happy to chat over email or meet for a coffee.

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