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Handcrafted, ethical engagement and wedding rings made from recycled metals and river gold – Hidden by Nature, Found by Us, Designed for You

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“Without a shadow of a doubt we recommend Jacqueline & Edward to EVERYONE. They are such friendly, genuine people who craft pieces of beauty. We are so so so happy with our wedding rings. They’ve been so helpful, flexible & communicative and it felt really special to be able to customise the rings to such a fine detail. We particularly loved being able to choose river gold from different parts of the world. Thank you again to everyone. (Rosie from London)”

Jacqueline & Edward is a family owned artisan jewellery business run by husband and wife Mark and Jacqueline. Named after the two loves in Mark’s life – his wife and his father, the business has been creating bespoke engagement and wedding rings since 2014 and was born out of Mark’s passion – gold panning. He is a world gold panning finalist and British and Scottish gold panning champion as well as a Chartered Environmentalist and Scientist. Having previously worked in the environmental sector as a contaminated land consultant (like a land doctor) some of the projects Mark managed involved the restoration of mining areas and the cleaning up of petroleum spills – he has seen first-hand the damage done to our landscapes as a result of mining. It is this combination of passion and education that Jacqueline and Edward is built on and means there is an uncompromising view when it comes to sustainable and ethical practices.

All our jewellery is made to order onsite at our workshop in Wetherby using traditional methods and is handcrafted by a small team of artisan jewellery designers. This means jewellery is not created unnecessarily, without a purpose – there’s no waste and products are not being created just to sit on a shelf.

We only use recycled metals, gems, diamonds (as opposed to mined materials) or lab grown diamonds and each piece we make contains a small piece of alluvial river gold adding provenance to your rings. You can even join us on a gold panning experience to find your own nuggets of gold to use in your bespoke ring (or rings) – creating lasting memories and gold you panned yourself!

Each ring is handmade individually and none of our jewellery is mass produced or created by a third party and sold by Jacqueline & Edward. We literally make our own alloys, draw our own wire and genuinely create by hand, from scratch. An art almost lost.

At Jacqueline & Edward we pride ourselves on creating sustainable jewellery that doesn’t compromise the environment. This includes the packaging of products too, which uses minimalist natural materials – wood and wool. We also plant trees for each order we receive with Trees for Life with the goal of helping to rewild the Scottish Highlands using native species which aims to bring back the original ecological system which support species such as pine martens. This means it is more than just a carbon capture initiative, it is also rebuilding the once mighty and biodiverse Caledonian forest.

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