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Alternative wedding bands for men by Newman Bands

Bored of Ordinary? Try Extraordinary Rings for Men

Newman Bands – over 100 unique and stunning Wedding Bands designed especially for men.

Newman Bands – in a nutshell

  • Black, Blue, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver Rings
  • Ring Designs with Natural Elements such as Wood, Naturally Shed Antler Bone and Shell
  • Specialising in Rings for the Active Man – Ultra-durable, Scratch Resistant and Hardwearing
  • Free Delivery including on Exchanges and Returns
  • Free Ring Sizer if you don’t already know your size

At Newman Bands we have over 100 Wedding rings for men. We are here to help you find a Wedding Band that is completely sensational – a ring that looks stunning and expresses you as an individual – and one that is almighty strong, and durable.

Wedding Rings for the Active Man –

For the active man who lives life to the max, we have rings made from tungsten carbide and titanium. These metals make rings with superpowers.

Virtually indestructible, these rings will not bend, scratch, or show any signs of wear and tear. Tungsten is for the man who prefers a weighty and substantial feel to his ring, while titanium is for the man who prefers something so lightweight, he won’t even notice that he is wearing a ring.

Making Sure your Ring is the Perfect Fit –

We understand that you need the perfect Wedding ring with the perfect fit. If you do not know your ring size, we will send you a ring sizer free of charge. Not only that, if you receive your ring and find that it is slightly too big or too small, we will exchange it for a different size at no extra cost. We will keep exchanging until you are 100% satisfied that you have the perfect size and fit.

Distinctive Rings Inspired by Nature –

If you’re an outdoors kind of man, you will love our range of rings that incorporate elements of nature.

We have rings made of natural wood that will speak of your adventuresome spirit – bold, wholesome, and down-to-earth.

Our rings made with naturally shed antler bone are for the one-of-a-kind man who loves nature and the great outdoors.

Or you may like our range of iridescent and distinctive rings made with abalone shell and mother-of-pearl.

Find a Ring to Express your Individuality –

To express yourself as an individual, we believe that the colour of your ring is very important. You can choose to browse our rings through colour to help you choose the colour that is for you.

Choose from strong and fearless black, tranquil and loyal blue, genuine and down-to-earth brown, gleaming and elegant gold, romantic and vintage rose gold and calm and sophisticated silver. We have put together a guide to help you find the colour that is right for you.

Remarkable and Individual Customer Service –

We are a small family run business in West Sussex, and we are passionate about making sure every customer is 100% happy. We will do anything possible to help you find that extra special wedding ring. After all it is what every man deserves.

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