Vintage should mean something. Vintage for me is so much more than a pretty theme; it’s finding pieces with their own story to tell – heirlooms, treasures and trinkets with real meaning. You can’t buy vintage in Debenhams – but discovering the true meaning of vintage is a journey many of us fall in love with. Today’s shoot is one to cherish: the wedding dress belonged to lovely Helen’s mum, and so this is a very personal inspiration piece which has me falling in love with it all the more.

Woodland vintage wedding ideas Eyesome Photography Yorkshire (4)

Words & images: Helen Spencer, Eyesome Photography

The inspiration for this shoot has been staring me in the face for my entire life, every time I opened the wardrobe door of my parents’ bedroom in the house in which I was born. My parents married in March 1957 in Birmingham, my home town. They were both 22 years old and mad about each other. They were still mad about each other in 2007 which was the year of their 50th anniversary and the year in which my mum passed away.


Hey everyone! I hope the sunshine is with you today… it’s glorious here, it feels as though it’s been sooooo long! So it’s a happy day – and for two reasons. One: sunshine 🙂 and two: I have someone awesome I’d like to introduce you to – Yorkshire wedding photographer Ian Wallace.

Yorkshire wedding photographer Ian Wallace on the English Wedding Blog (7)

Ian Wallace has had some beautiful weddings featured on the English Wedding Blog over the years. There was Anna & Tom’s Aldwark Manor wedding, and then Adrian and Charlotte’s gorgeous Wasing Park wedding from last spring. All of Ian’s photography is beautiful, timeless and elegant – and so to have him join the English Wedding Blog as a sponsor is a real treat.

Yorkshire wedding photographer Ian Wallace on the English Wedding Blog (15)

Contact & Bookings: Ian Wallace Photography


Yorkshire wedding photographer Ian Wallace on the English Wedding Blog (16) Yorkshire wedding photographer Ian Wallace on the English Wedding Blog (17)

Ian says “I like my photos to tell you about a moment. To tell you about a person. To make you feel like you were there. Photos will bring back memories and help to tell a story, which is why I love photographing weddings… I come away with a collection of moments and memories in my camera.”


Only those of you who are new to English Wedding Blog will be discovering Tierney Photography for the first time today. Sheffield wedding photographer Mark Tierney has been a supporter of the blog for many years, with some of his best weddings gracing these pages since the very early days of English Wedding.

Sheffield wedding photography

Tierney Photography – contemporary wedding photography from Sheffield

Contemporary wedding photography in Sheffield

I’m now delighted to welcome Mark and Tierney Photography as a sponsor of English Wedding Blog.

Mark Tier­ney is a con­tem­po­rary wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher who aims to cap­ture the excite­ment and emo­tion of a couple’s wed­ding day. His style is a blend of nat­ural reportage wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy and relaxed fam­ily pho­tographs, com­bined with cap­tur­ing cre­ative moments with the bride and groom.

contemporary wedding photography in Sheffield

Natural reportage wedding photography by Tierney Photography on English Wedding Blog

Please take five minutes to read more about Tierney Photography on the brand new Tierney Photography page of English Wedding Blog. Every one of my sponsors has their own dedicated page about their business – and each sponsor is chosen because I love what they do and how they work.


Hello there! How’s your morning going so far? Mine: busy, happy, having fun being creative. And the best bit is the real wedding I have for you today.

A Derbyshire wedding from my friend Mark at Tierney Photography, this one really struck me because of the happy tears – it’s a beautiful occasion full of feeling as well as there being such stunning photographs in the glorious Peak District. I spent the first few years of my life living in this area, and I love the wild moorland and beautiful landscapes – this feels a bit like coming home.

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (1)The wedding dress glows against the morning sunshine, Katie’s shoes catch the light and shimmer and shine…

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (2) 

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (3)Gorgeous wedding flowers and I love the whitewashed windowsill for these pictures – don’t they look fab?

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (4) 

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (5)Katie is beautiful – this photograph captures that delicate vulnerability of a bride on her wedding morning. This picture takes my breath away… and it’s only the first one!

Tierney Photography Derbyshire wedding photographer (6) 


Wedding photographer Pete Barnes describes this (gooooorgeous!) couple in his blog post as a fantastic, really great couple who are very obviously in love. Helen and Chris were married at Sandburn Hall near York, and these are some of my favourite photos from their wedding day.

Chris originally hails from New Zealand, so in case you were wondering he’s the Kiwi I mentioned in the title, and Helen – clearly – is the knock-out bombshell (both descriptions courtesy of Pete Barnes, lovely guy and great wedding photographer)!

Helen and Chris’s sparkling white wedding day

English Wedding at Sandburn Hall near York (9)
English Wedding at Sandburn Hall near York (22)English Wedding at Sandburn Hall near York (10)Simple, sparkling diamond wedding jewellery – understated and beautiful.Helen’s wedding dress has a lot of detail so delicate jewellery is the perfect way to accessorise. (More advice about finding the perfect jewellery to match your dress)
English Wedding at Sandburn Hall near York (20)

What a great couple – this says it all, doesn’t it? As happy a wedding photo as I’ve ever seen! This is a really lovely moment and makes me smile right back!


Hazlewood Castle is in the Domesday book, no less, and dates from as far back as 1086! It was the perfect wedding venue for Natsumi and Pete, who got married earlier in the spring. There are some really stunning images here, courtesy of Tierney Photography. I love the imagination of these first two images especially: the shadows are fab!

Pete and Natsumi’s wedding day at Hazlewood Castle in Yorkshire has so many stunning elements to it I know you’ll love this post. The baby girl is grinning as though she’s already got the wedding bug! I love the check floor with the little bridesmaid dancing across, and the lighting in the images of the castle itself…. I hope you love this wedding as much as I do. Enjoy!

Most of all Natsumi – her smile, the way she wears her gorgeous wedding dress and her confidence posing for the photos – she’s a real star and a beautiful bride.

Pete gets ready – with the instruction manual to get his tie just right!


I know it’s the done thing to begin with a photo of the bride and groom, but I couldn’t resist showing this photo first!

Ah now maybe these two are the coolest wedding guests... a great shot!

A wonderful wedding, and a brilliant time is had by all!

I found Emma and Matt’s wedding just as I was researching and writing my little article about having a creative wedding outside of London. For me, being creative with your wedding is simply having a few little details which fly in the face of convention: and Emma and Matt did just that.

Their Yorkshire wedding was photographed by Tierney Photography. I love the details Mark Tierney captures when he shoots weddings – my favourites here have to be the campervan, the mini and the little boy having a brilliant time playing in the autumn leaves!

Emma looks fabulous in a wedding dress with a pretty halterneck that really suits and flatters her gorgeous hourglass figure. She also oozes confidence: finding a dress that is really You will make you feel a million dollars on your wedding day, and Emma really did – I love it!