Sussed! After all my whinging about wedding infographics being made up, tenuous or pointless I’ve been sent one which is actually true, well researched and interesting. Hurray! Perhaps the key difference is that we’re talking about marriages today rather than weddings. So often the two are used as if they’re one and the same thing – but in my mind they’re distinct.

Interestingly I live in the least popular English region for marriages. Could it be that the Lake District’s “liquid sunshine” is off-putting so we’re all heading to Cornwall for a sunny beach wedding instead? Hehe! Any ideas why the North West and London seem to have fewer marriages than other areas?

english weddings statistics

John on behalf of The Wedding Secret told me, “The main purpose of the infographic is to give people a better understanding of the current state of the wedding market and industry in England, and it’s history. We think this is of genuine interest to anyone who has at least a passing curiosity in trends of human behaviour, and is of particular interest to brides/grooms, wedding suppliers and others in the industry.


Wedding industry surveys have always raised a quizzical eyebrow with me. I’m sharing this wedding report from Confetti because my eyebrows practically flipped over the top of my head when I read it. And I’m asking – do you believe these stats?! Will you be wearing purple, marrying a surgically-enhanced groom and having a Twilight themed big day? The report is an eye-opener, and offers a little insight into the wedding industry too – this survey is all about brides with barely a nod in the direction of grooms despite leading men’s wedding website I Am Staggered reporting this month that contrary to popular belief, Men Do Do Weddings!

My Big Fat Purple Wedding… really?!

  • The 2013 Wedding Report released by leading wedding website www.confetti.co.uk lifts the veil on what the perfect wedding day looks like for the nation’s brides.
  • Death of the traditional white church wedding as reality TV and the colour purple leads bridal trends.
  • Rise of the ‘super groom-ed’ – as a staggering number of men undergo pre-nuptial cosmetic improvements.