Words & images by Liam Smith Photography

Photography is subjective – what I like, you may not. This presents you, my dear reader, with a choice to make: what do I like, and can I afford it?

What is important to remember at all times is the true significance of photography and the photograph. It preserves our lives and our memories in a way that nothing else can.

I wrote my dissertation on the importance of photography and found through thorough analysis of historical photographs and cinema, that photographs actually possess the power to effectively overwrite our own memories. When we attempt to recall a moment, our minds can recall a photograph as a stimulus rather than the actual lived memory. Consider that for a moment, and you’re more likely to remember the photograph of the event, rather than your own memory of the event you witnessed. With that in mind, photography is elevated to a status few thought possible, which adds a whole new dimension to the question, how important are my wedding photographs?