I read a little article last week which captured a big talking point and wrapped it up beautifully in a neat and tidy little nutshell. Nichola Morton was writing for Aspire Photography Training: “ If your couples have either hand-made or spent money on something involved with their wedding, they will want to make sure that it is documented via your photography.”

Yorkshire wedding detail photographers James and Lianne Photography (2)Images in this post are by James and Lianne Photography from Gemma and Niall’s North Yorkshire garden wedding

Nichola’s use of the word documented really caught my attention. Those documentary or reportage photographers I know tend to be the most reluctant to capture details… and yet Nichola brought them together in one wonderfully succinct sentence.

I’ll make my point first and explain it in a moment. I think 99% of wedding photographers should be capturing details and using those images in their marketing. It’s time to realise just how valuable those detail shots can be to your business. Why?


I’ve had this little beauty in my inbox for over a month and didn’t know what to do with it. I almost deleted it yesterday, but I’ve just been browsing a wedding photographer’s blog and seen some place names written with big fat marker pens. I can’t resist sharing Sharpie‘s press release with you now. But it comes with opinion!

“Big fat marker pens – every bride’s best friend”

Basically Sharpie want me to tell you that their markers are great for weddings. Write your guest names in big fat felt tips (admittedly in pretty colours) on place names. Perfick! If you can squidge all those fat letters onto your delicate place names…

wedding pens handwriting (7)

Handwritten wedding place name card – definitely not with a Sharpie!!

It ain’t that easy to sell chunky felt tips to a calligrapher

Just saying. If I was in Sharpie’s marketing department I’d be feeling a little sheepish. They even phoned me up to tell me how good their big fat pens were. I explained that I was a wedding calligrapher, and could therefore blog about their pens and share the press release with you, but might not be entirely complimentary. They seemed pleased… ?!!


marketing wedding business coverHello everyone! As the wedding season kicks in I’d like to just share my guide to marketing a wedding business with all of you lovely suppliers out there. Quick tips, useful hints and genuine advice for all kinds of wedding businesses – and it’s only a few pounds to buy as a print magazine or digital version.

I really recommend this guide to anyone who is looking to promote a wedding business at this crucial time of year.

This can be a scary time for any small business, but with this guide I hope you’ll feel like you have sound advice at hand to help you get ahead with promoting your business and ensuring a successful year!

marketing wedding business


Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having lovely days so far. I’m hopping between pet-sitting, calligraphy-writing and baking brownies… but I had to get this wedding blog feature published for you all as well. No rest for the wicked*, as they say!

Hunsbury Hill Centre wedding by Aaron Collett

Photo credit Aaron Collett. Click image to see this Hunsbury Hill Wedding

This is one of two features about blog advertising which I’ve been pondering for some weeks. I wrote in June about wedding blog advertising working if you get it right. It’s also true that advertising on wedding blogs works better for some businesses than for others.

My experience, and feedback from my own advertisers as well as wedding suppliers who’ve advertised on other blogs all tells me that…

Wedding blog advertising works best for new businesses

There are reasons for this:

  1. New wedding businesses are often those with new ideas, and blog readers are always looking for that special something which is original, different and will be a talking point at their big day. It’s about creativity and having a niche product which appeals to a free-thinking bride or groom.

Hello there, dearest readers. Welcome to my personal hell… the question which has my mind spinning in circles all the time: as a UK wedding blog owner and wedding business owner (separately) I know the answer is Yes. Wedding blog advertising works.

Wedding photography by Rob and Sarah Gillespie

Photo credit: Rob and Sarah Gillespie. Click to see the full wedding feature


Here it comes! Hot on the heels of that resounding ‘Yes’, comes the qualifier: sometimes. And if you get it right. And that’s infinitely harder to define and explain and share – much as I’d like to share the secrets of wedding blog advertising with suppliers on a daily basis, it simply ain’t that simple.

Wedding blog advertising works if you push it!

If you decide to advertise on a wedding blog, you can’t just send your ad and leave it at that. You have to make your blog advertising an active part of your wedding business promotion.


Hello! I have another video blog for wedding suppliers today: how (and why) to get featured on a wedding blog. Once again, ‘scuse the face – but I hope you find the advice really useful. Enjoy the movie – there’s a quick recap in words below the clip for you to cut out and keep as well.

getting your designs featured on wedding blogs from Claire Gould on Vimeo.

As a wedding stationer, jewellery or cake designer you might not have considered submitting your designs to be featured on wedding blogs. This short video explains the benefits of sponsored blog features, and looks at the differences between wedding blog advertising and the printed wedding magazines.

Getting featured on wedding blogs: why and how you can do it!

  1. Readership. Wedding blogs are big these days – far bigger than the magazines. Spend twenty minutes collecting as many media packs for blogs and wedding magazines as you can, and then compare the stats!

Since early December I’ve been putting the finishing touches to my book: How to Blog your Wedding Business. It’s meant English Wedding Blog has been a little short on wedding supplier advice (most of my ideas went in the book!) – so today the launch of my book means you get a bumper edition of all the wedding business blogging advice you can handle, and then some!

How to Blog your Wedding Business

How to blog your wedding business

How to blog your wedding business - by me!

I’m on my third wedding business blog. I’m utterly convinced that my blogs have been a huge benefit to my wedding calligraphy business. And I love blogging: it’s quick and easy (when you get used to it), Google adores it and readers enjoy it. Safe to say I love blogging so much I consider myself a bit of an expert. I’m no Darren Rowse, but I know blogging in the wedding industry like the back of my hand. Or the front of my laptop, if I may update an outdated phrase!


Pre-wedding season, I was peering through the tumbleweed at various wedding photography websites and genuinely surprised by a) the numbers of wedding photographers out there, and b) the lack of blogs!

A quick look at this as a little aside: I searched for ‘wedding photographers’ and got a map with chicken pox. There are so, so many photographers out there! (Even more if you zoom in). I knew that though…

wedding photographers map UK

wedding photographers - a rash across the UK?

I was on a bit of a mission to discover new wedding photographers – ones who hadn’t submitted to my blog before, so I could raise awareness of English Wedding blog. And I was looking for their real wedding features to get an idea of what they do.

Four out of five didn’t have blogs.

And I was surprised – in this day and age, surely a wedding business blog is as important for SEO and promotion as facebook, more important than twitter, on a par with having a presence at wedding shows and fairs?