Eco styling ideas for a summer picnic wedding with Bohotanical and the Gilded Fern (42)

All images by One Love Pictures & flowers by Bohotanical

This one’s for all of you lovely brides and grooms considering alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet and arrangements. Inspired by a press release which landed in my inbox the other week – it was one of those where I disagreed with pretty much every word! – I just had to write a little about wedding flowers.

Too many couples – if the report is to be believed – think wedding flowers are overpriced (they’re not).


Hey lovelies! I wanted to finish the week by filling your screens with gorgeous colour, design and general weddingness, and at the same time tell you a few things you might not know (because I didn’t) about the fabulous blooms you’ll be using to add oomph to your wedding styling. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, it’s British Flowers Week, so what better time to consider using British flowers for your wedding!

British wedding flowers image credit Jodi Hanagan Photography (1)

Words and flower arrangements by lovely Lisa at Most Curious Rose; images by Jodi Hanagan Photography; from their stunning wedding inspiration shoot featured on the fabulous Way Out Wedding blog


I swear I almost felt a tickle of hayfever this morning… but it feels far too early! Is it just me?! Every day I think summer is almost here and I can’t wait for the wedding season to really kick in – my mind is rushing happily into July already! Time then, for something amazing, beautiful and allergy-free to feast your crafty eyes upon today: a stunning DIY bridal bouquet for 2016 with step by step instructions from the lovely Natasha at Pumpkin & Pye.


I spend my evenings (and far too much of my working days, if I’m honest!) poring over the most amazing flowers on Instagram. I’d love to create the arrangements I see there, but I know there’s tons more to floral design than meets the eye…

Today’s feature is especially for brides and grooms (and mothers of brides!) who would love to save money on wedding flowers without sacrificing quality. Ruth from Natural Favours, who has recently launched a DIY flower service, is here to share 7 super tips with you – I think they’re brilliant!

Image credits Chocolate Chip Photography (2)


So… this landed in my inbox the other day and I haven’t been quite sure what to do about it. It came from celebrity florist Larry Walshe, and while it’s not strictly about wedding flowers it certainly got me thinking. Can flowers be sexy?


Let’s rephrase the question: can flowers be sexy just on their own, without pants? Should flowers be sexy, or should they just be flowers? Can flowers be sexist?