Eco styling ideas for a summer picnic wedding with Bohotanical and the Gilded Fern (42)

All images by One Love Pictures & flowers by Bohotanical

This one’s for all of you lovely brides and grooms considering alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet and arrangements. Inspired by a press release which landed in my inbox the other week – it was one of those where I disagreed with pretty much every word! – I just had to write a little about wedding flowers.

Too many couples – if the report is to be believed – think wedding flowers are overpriced (they’re not).

And too many couples seem to be turning to artificial wedding flowers – which have some serious downsides of their own. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts, with my humble experience of being a wedding blogger for 10 years and hearing the thoughts of hundreds of couples when it comes to wedding flowers.


Hey lovelies! I wanted to finish the week by filling your screens with gorgeous colour, design and general weddingness, and at the same time tell you a few things you might not know (because I didn’t) about the fabulous blooms you’ll be using to add oomph to your wedding styling. For anyone who hasn’t noticed, it’s British Flowers Week, so what better time to consider using British flowers for your wedding!

British wedding flowers image credit Jodi Hanagan Photography (1)

Words and flower arrangements by lovely Lisa at Most Curious Rose; images by Jodi Hanagan Photography; from their stunning wedding inspiration shoot featured on the fabulous Way Out Wedding blog

I work with British and imported flowers, but I have a definite preference – hopefully I can convince you, too!


I swear I almost felt a tickle of hayfever this morning… but it feels far too early! Is it just me?! Every day I think summer is almost here and I can’t wait for the wedding season to really kick in – my mind is rushing happily into July already! Time then, for something amazing, beautiful and allergy-free to feast your crafty eyes upon today: a stunning DIY bridal bouquet for 2016 with step by step instructions from the lovely Natasha at Pumpkin & Pye.

rose quartz and serenity bouquet (15)

Bouquet by Pumpkin & Pye | Image credit Evolve Photography in Devon

Make your own rose quartz & serenity themed silk bridal bouquet – step by step

You will need:

artificial flowers and foliages of your choice, wire cutters, cotton ribbon, floral twine, scissors

rose quartz and serenity bouquet (1)
rose quartz and serenity bouquet (2)

Step 1:

Select the silk flowers and greenery you’d like to use. Use wire cutters to trim off all the excess leaves, leaving only leaves close to the flower head.

rose quartz and serenity bouquet (3)
rose quartz and serenity bouquet (4)

Step 2:


I spend my evenings (and far too much of my working days, if I’m honest!) poring over the most amazing flowers on Instagram. I’d love to create the arrangements I see there, but I know there’s tons more to floral design than meets the eye…

Today’s feature is especially for brides and grooms (and mothers of brides!) who would love to save money on wedding flowers without sacrificing quality. Ruth from Natural Favours, who has recently launched a DIY flower service, is here to share 7 super tips with you – I think they’re brilliant!

Image credits Chocolate Chip Photography (2)

“The cost of your big day floristry can creep up to around 10% of the entire budget which can be a significant chunk when the average cost of a wedding can be upwards of £20k.  Here at Natural Favours HQ we are strong believers that it is perfectly possible to have the day of your dreams without the hefty price tag.  If you’re feeling a little bit creative and a lot savvy, then DIY flowers could be the way to go!


So… this landed in my inbox the other day and I haven’t been quite sure what to do about it. It came from celebrity florist Larry Walshe, and while it’s not strictly about wedding flowers it certainly got me thinking. Can flowers be sexy?


Let’s rephrase the question: can flowers be sexy just on their own, without pants? Should flowers be sexy, or should they just be flowers? Can flowers be sexist?

I have to confess the email (which I’ve included below, to be fair to Larry and his PR team!) stayed in my inbox for a week or so. I’ve returned to it over and over, wondering whether to share… so here you go. Thank you Larry Walshe! It has probably brightened a few Wednesday afternoons around the UK 😉

claire gould english wedding blog signature

A sexy online bouquet collection from Celebrity Florist Larry Walshe

Critically acclaimed florist, Larry Walshe launches a luxurious range of beautiful bouquets to purchase online for delivery nationwide.


Morning lovelies! I have another gorgeous – and best of all, simple – wedding project for you to try today. Flowers can be as opulent or as simple as you wish, and this hanging floral wreath idea is fun to explore as well as super pretty!

claire gould calligrapher signature

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (1)

What you need:

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (4)

  • Wire coat hanger
  • Selection of flowers and greenery
  • Floral tape
  • Floral wire
  • Scissors
  • Washi tape (optional)

How it’s done:

1. First of all, shape your clothes hanger into a circle.

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (5)

2. Group together small posies of flowers and leaves and tape them together with floral tape.

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (6)

3. Starting at the top, tape a posy to the hanger.

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (7)

4. Then continue with another posy, using the flowers and leaves to cover the stems of the last posy.

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (8)

5. When you reach the half way point, start at the top again and work around the other side.

An easy wedding flower project on the English Wedding Blog (9)


So if anybody didn’t notice, we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about British flowers over on the English Wedding Blog facebook page this month – and with lovely Claire‘s help I’ve been discovering some amazing florists whose work I’m desperately excited to share with you all.

Gorgeous British wedding flowers by Bride and Bloom photographed by Greg at Highfields Photography (19)

First to leap to my attention was the fabulously creative Hannah from Bride and Bloom. Hannah showed me some photos of her flowers which had me swooning… she uses all of my favourite British flowers to create spectacular and characterful displays for weddings, and I think she’s pretty incredible… so I asked her to introduce herself and show you more!

Gorgeous British wedding flowers by Bride and Bloom photographed by Greg at Highfields Photography (27)

Images are by Greg at Highfields Photography:

Gorgeous British wedding flowers by Bride and Bloom photographed by Greg at Highfields Photography (23)

“Hello! Well, I’m Hannah and my business is Bride and Bloom which offers a bespoke wedding flower and styling service using gorgeous seasonal British flowers. Inspired by nature’s array of colour and texture my style definitely has a wild and natural feel, so suits those after something a bit different.


I’ve made it no secret I have a ‘thing’ for messy wedding bouquets. I love seeing brides with armfuls of beautiful blossoms – and the statement bouquet is BIG for 2015. When lovely Gwenda from The Vintage Floral Design Co. got in touch I was in heaven! Her bouquets are divine: ‘informally structured’, creative and full of colour, texture and foliage.

Beautiful wedding statement bouquets Vintage Floral Design Co (1)

This bouquet with a huge succulent in the centre is divine! The white blooms and delicate fronds of foliage add all the texture you could dream of. Image credit Shell De Mar

Gwenda works creatively with flowers of all shapes and sizes to design statement bouquets for vintage inspired weddings with a boho feel. She says, “My signature style has been decribed as ‘new wave’ vintage; leaning towards the boho aesthetic; using seasonal blooms which are given a modern touch in terms of style, colour and composition – never mundane, always beautiful.

The Vintage Floral Design Co.

Beautiful wedding statement bouquets Vintage Floral Design Co (2)

The biggest lilies you ever did see…. LOVE! Image credit Maria De Faci


Maybe it’s blogs, I don’t know… but I’ve seen more statement bouquets over the last six months than ever before. Gone are the tidy teardrops and perfect circles, now English brides are choosing gloriously messy, cascading, multicoloured and rustic armfuls of flowers… and it’s one of my favourite wedding trends.

wedding bouquets blog 2015 messy flower ideas (1)

Statement bouquet by Katie Laura Flowers | Tiree Dawson Photography

I wanted to show you a handful of examples, some favourite bouquets and ideas to set your Pinterest boards on fire! I asked florists and photographers on Facebook to share their very best – an excuse to share lots and lots of insanely pretty flowers on the English Wedding Blog. And the suggestions came flooding in…

Statement bouquets: big, bold and beautiful

Make a statement with the size and style of your bouquet! For flower lovers, this is all the excuse you’ll ever need to hold the most amazing flowers you can imagine! I adore Katie Laura Flowers‘ style and approach to floral design: creative and carefree, with the loveliest colour combinations and lots and lots of fabulous foliage.


Morning everyone! I have a special feature today for brides and grooms who haven’t quite sorted out wedding flowers… and if you’re wondering whether to DIY your flowers or book a professional florist, then this will be right up your street!

wedding flowers (1)

Creative wedding flowers with wool in spring greens – image credit the Judith Blacklock flower school

All of your wedding flower questions answered!

Flowers @ Oxford has just unveiled information about its wedding marquee – they call it “THE destination for any bride-to-be looking for floral inspiration for her big day“. It’s also a celebration of British blooms, flower seasonality, scent and variety. Visit this exciting floral event on the weekend of 22 August to learn about the latest trends, seek out the perfect flowers and colours for your special day and have all of your questions about wedding flowers answered by experts!


Happy Saturday everyone! I totally fell in love with Hollie’s red rose and poppy bouquet on the blog this week, and it inspired me to fill the English Wedding Blog with flowers today. Whatever bouquet style you’re looking for, whatever your colours, there’ll be something wonderful here to inspire you. And for more, visit my wedding flowers Pinterest board!

Hollie’s beautiful red bouquet by Chic Weddings | Image credit Rebecca Douglas Photography

1. Red roses, rosemary and poppies for a vintage British wedding
Rebecca Douglas Photography

pastel wedding bouquet

Clare’s beautifully soft pastel bouquet by Flowers in the Forest | Image credit Nicola Milns Photography

2. Beautiful textures and subtle tones for an English country garden wedding
Nicola Milns Photography

gypsophila bouquet

Jenna’s beautiful gypsophila bouquet | image credit Pete Henderson Photography

3. I adore Jenna’s huge bouquet of gyp – and the same flowers were used throughout the day for real impact!
Pete Henderson Photography

colourful bridal bouquet

Jess’s bouquet is full of gorgeous spring colours by Cindy for Ringwood Hall | Image credit Jon Cripwell Photography


Did anyone see in the news today that we should all be having an afternoon nap at work? Anyone find time? I didn’t… but I wish I had! There’s just too much happening here, including news just in of a big saving on DIY wedding flower lessons at The British Flower School.

wedding flowers DIY (1)

The British Flower School is at Mapperton Gardens in Dorset. Courses include DIY wedding flower arranging days and they have sadly had a group cancellation for 17th June which means they unexpectedly have places spare.

wedding flowers DIY (2)

If you would like to sign up and experience a DIY wedding flowers day at half the usual price this is a fabulous opportunity! Read all about the wedding flower course here: and to book or for more details email
wedding flowers DIY (3)