It’s been a long while since I went to one of the BIG wedding shows – and while I miss meeting all the wonderful suppliers, something between principles and fear stops me stepping across the threshold of those mega exhibition venues…

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Image credits for the full article today:  Nova Wedding Photography

For me, wedding shows are all about the independent smaller businesses. They bring together amazing suppliers and give us the opportunity to meet creative designers who will inspire us and become a part of our weddings. Wedding shows can be overwhelming, but take one stand at a time and you’ll discover the very best of the UK wedding market.

Designers and crafters pour their hearts and souls into what they do – and discovering one or two of these incredible, dedicated wedding suppliers can transform your wedding and make it magical. I’m not against big wedding shows by any means, I just know they can be overwhelming and I don’t want you to miss out on the very best side to them…

I don’t like crowds so much. I like event management companies even less! I know many brides find big shows stressful and intense. (Not to mention grooms…) It’s the same for suppliers, I promise. The secret? Finding a wonderfully sparkling little gem of a business amongst the likes of Moss Bros and Alfred Angelo.


Hello lovely blog readers – I hope you’re having lovely days, doing lovely things (or at least not working too hard 😉 If you’d like a little distraction for a moment or two, then I have a question about UK wedding fayres you could really help me with.

bouquet by Red Floral photo credit Damian Hall

Bouquet by Red Floral – famous for stunning, contemporary wedding show displays. Photo credit Damian Hall. Click the image to see more from their Alternative Britannia wedding shoot!

Wedding fayres – love ’em or hate ’em, they are as vital as wedding magazines to the UK wedding industry. A great place to meet essential wedding suppliers in person, and a source of inspiration to couples everywhere.

Our UK wedding fayres need a good shake-up, don’t they?

There are bad wedding fayres out there. (Often the ones who spell ‘fayre’ with a y. As lovely bride Tanya once told me, it’s not even a real old-fashioned word. I’m using it in a slightly ironic way)