Wedding discounts websites annoy the hell out of me. I know I’m not alone in this – sites like Vowscher peddling cheap-as-chips wedding deals are misleading couples and harming small businesses. Please don’t use them!

Cheap wedding discounts and the damage they cause

Oooh… “she’s a bit ranty today”, I hear you say. But not without reason, I promise! Cheap wedding deals are all very well in theory, until you understand the mechanics of wedding discount websites. And the stories I’ve been hearing about how they work have turned my stomach, to be honest.

So what’s so terrible about cheap wedding discounts sites?

1. You get what you pay for! If something is cheap, it’s cheap for a reason. Items may be poor quality, or there may be a catch. Always check the small print before you buy, and always, always ask for a sample when buying wedding stationery or similar items online.


Here’s an interesting question and one which I can’t answer on my own – so I need your help, lovely couples and wedding suppliers alike. There are two perceptions of wedding supplier discounts, and I’m no longer sure which side of the fence I’m on here!

wedding discounts discussion

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So – as a bride or groom-to-be, or as a wedding supplier: what do you think of discounts?

Are discounts great, a way to save on quality wedding goodies?

There’s no getting away from how hideously expensive weddings can be. For couples choosing to have all the bells and whistles to help celebrate their marriage, budgets can easily grow and get out of control. All too often a wedding budget which starts at £8,000 can leap to £12,000 by the time your big day comes around.

If you’re on a tight wedding budget, and a top supplier who is just out of your price range offers a great discount, then you’re in luck. Discounts like this are a way to get wedding accessories and treats you couldn’t otherwise afford.