The ‘average wedding budget’ is a myth. Every wedding is different, and allocating your budget should never come down to a standard formula from a magazine or wedding planning book. Today’s advice from Revelry Events is some of the best I’ve heard: for example, have you allocated a 5% contingency for emergencies? Watch the film to find out why you should!

London wedding planners Susannah and Holly have more great advice: choosing seasonal flowers and foods will save you money, and doubling up your favours as place names, or your church flowers as reception decor will cut back on spending too. My favourite tip has to be asking suppliers for help: be honest, and if you have your heart set on something you can’t quite afford try asking your suppliers for solutions rather than a straight up discount.


Have you ever been to a wedding where everything was homemade… only not so well? I hear from so many brides who’ve felt pressure to get their craft on but didn’t enjoy the process or love the results. I hate to say it, but I feel there’s too much focus on essential wedding DIY these days, and it’s kind of spoiling the fun for those of us who really do love getting all gluey and covered in moss and glitter spray!

Craft because you’re crafty. Craft because you love it!

Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (19)

All this articles images are by the fabulous Parkershots Photography, and are taken from Rod and Kirsty’s handmade wedding on the English Wedding Blog

If you craft to save money, because you’re on a tight budget, because you can’t afford to hire someone – for any reason other than you LOVE doing it… it’s not going to work.


Hello! I owe this post to the lovely brides over on the You & Your Wedding forums – always a great source of inspiration for many UK wedding bloggers! I was reading a thread about how much it costs to rent wedding chairs which had me fascinated from beginning to end. The original poster asked “am I mad?” to be spending £200 on chair hire. Most replies were along the lines of “no, that seems reasonable” with one wonderfully insightful response of “in the real world £200 is a lot, but you’re in wedding land now“.


Craig and Katie’s chairs were lovely – see more from their Iscoyd Park wedding on the English Wedding Blog by clicking the image. Photo credit Kristian Leven http://kristianlevenphotography.co.uk

It’s so true, of course – our usual rules and common sense can fly out of the window when it comes to wedding planning. How many of us would spend more than £1,000.00 on a dress for any other occasion? The most expensive dress I own is from French Connection and I bought it for a whopping £75! I’ve never spent more than £200 on chairs*… and I also expect to keep them! But it’s true – weddings are different.


Morning everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day. While it’s quiet here (anyone got sunshine today?!) I thought I could share my very honest thoughts on an infographic I was sent recently. Basically I think the wedding industry tries to feed this kind of tat to brides and grooms – long lists of all the things you might possibly need for a wedding… but 90% of them at least are things you can avoid, with a little creative thinking. So rather than reading a list like this and rushing to fill in every box with a budget figure, grab a big fat pen and start crossing things out! There you go – liberating isn’t it! Enjoy. Claire x

All the things I don’t love about wedding budget checklists!

wedding budget checklist 2013

I should also mention I have a bit of a ‘thing’ about any kind of loans company which is why I’m not going to worry about upsetting Aussie Personal Loans with this blog post. But do you really need a bridesmaids’ luncheon? Or a ring pillow? Scratch a few of these off your list and you might not need a loan either… now there’s a nice outcome from this little checklist!


May I ask you a question, lovely blog readers? I know there are quite a few wedding suppliers reading English Wedding Blog – so hopefully you can help me with something today.

athelhampton house wedding blog Linus Moran

Athelhampton House wedding photography by Linus Moran – click to see the full blog post (it’s gorgeous!)

How are you finding the wedding season this year? I know of a few small wedding businesses who are struggling a little more than usual – the summer seems unusually quiet.  My calligraphy enquiries are on the slow side compared to last year, and I have friends who simply haven’t seen orders pick up over the summer months as they usually do.

So – a question for any wedding suppliers out there – how is this summer for you? And if you’re noticing it’s quieter, why do you think this is? Olympics fever? Are there fewer weddings this summer or are couples spending less and working to tighter wedding budgets?

I’d be very interested to hear what you think 🙂


saving money for your weddingI get a lot of emails with suggested features for my blog. Some are OK, some are great. This little feature is a quick read, but stood out from the crowd because the advice here is so good. Simple, easy – and really sound advice about money. Although as a wedding calligrapher I’m not sure about a paper-free wedding!

Wedding Planning Tips – save money on your big day

1. Reuse floral pieces: Using flowers for your ceremony decorations? Think about designs that will easily translate from ceremony to reception to cut back on floral costs. Many pieces that you have for the ceremony can easily be used into the reception décor, such as your bridesmaids’ bouquets and aisle flowers.

2. Try DIY: The possibilities for DIY projects for your wedding are endless. From invitations, to programs, to iPod playlists, think about what you can do yourselves before you shell out dough. If you’re not as crafty, enlist the help of a few family members or bridesmaids to help with you get the projects done well ahead of the big day!

How much a wedding costs the guest

Let’s jump straight in: £686. The latest research into the price of a wedding takes an outside view of budgets. You might be spending £10k on your wedding, but your 50 guests will be spending a whopping total of £34k between them.

How much a wedding costs – for guests

How much a wedding costs the guest

The guys at Chillisauce have put together this surprising infographic with information from the Telegraph and Lloyds.

Are you going to a wedding this year? (Not yours, silly – a friend’s maybe?) What will you be spending on their big day?