Do you love or hate autumn? When there’s a crisp chill in the air, you wake up in darkness at 7am, the heating goes on and winter woollies come out – do you hide or rush out to play in the rusty leaves?

I had the idea of a new wedding blog post with my friend and Tiararama designer Suzanne Laughlin: to shout out and share the things we love about autumn. Because at the end of the wedding season the wedding industry doesn’t sleep: instead, we get inspired. The smell of autumn on the air, the hazy sunshine and being all toasty inside… it kicks off that creative buzz. I wanted to share some of that with you!

Tiararama on Autumn…

Tiararama unique bridal tiara designs from the UK (1)

"Autumn" tiara design by Tiararama; Photography credit Hannah Duffy www.hannahduffy.co.uk

Tiararama’s bridal collections are inspired by the seasons. Suzanne explains why autumn is such an inspiration for her bridal designs:

Inside Timeless Bride - a glorious bridal experience

I can’t stress this enough: if I have one Top Tip to share with brides and grooms, it’s this blog post. Every couple can afford the very best in this sense: luxury customer service costs nothing, special touches make all the difference and the Experience is what it’s all about…

Wedding suppliers also take note – are you selling a product or service, or is your wedding business providing an experience brides and grooms will truly love, remember and recommend?

Inside Timeless Bride - a glorious bridal experience

Inside Timeless Bride - a glorious bridal experience

This blog post is inspired by:

Chris Hanley Photography – top UK wedding photographer, Laura from Green Earth Flowers and Michelle from Timeless Bride in Cheshire.

With special mentions for Katy Lunsford Photography and Suzanne Laughlin, designer at Tiararama

What you should really look for in a wedding supplier

The very best wedding suppliers I’ve met are those focusing on the experience you’ll have with them. From the first time you hear about them, visit their website, call for a chat or send an email enquiry – look for someone who is enthusiastic about your wedding and delighted to be involved, and for someone who genuinely cares.

'Snowflake' Winter Collection 2011

'Snowflake' Tiararama Winter Collection 2011

I’ve been excited about this day for months. My favourite bridal hair accessories designer Tiararama has launched its first ever collections – and they’re sooooo beautiful.

I’ve followed Tiararama’s work for years, loving every blog post and facebook update for the unique and intricate tiara designs that would magically appear as designer Suzanne Laughlin created more and more striking designs as part of Tiararama’s couture service.

The press release (on beautifully branded letterheads with a sexy little business card and cd of the new collections – cue squeal from me!) from Tiararama explains the rebranding of Tiararama Couture and the conception of those gorgeous new collections.

Tiararama new website

Tiararama Couture offers clients a high quality boutique experience and works closely with every client, from initial design discussions in its West London appointment room right through to the wedding day itself and beyond. Tiararama Couture is proud to offer a special and memorable experience with a unique approach of building relationships and keeping in touch with many brides long after their wedding day, often creating anniversary gifts or personal items of jewellery.