I think 2016 has been our busiest year yet! The English Wedding Blog is growing every single day: we’ve featured weddings and styled shoots from so many new photographers and our inbox is constantly bursting with amazingness… so I thought I’d write a little note to all of you fabulous wedding photographers who are yet to get published here. I so hope you’ll be in touch soon!

Know your wedding blogs!

Every wedding blog has a different audience and a unique aesthetic, just as every wedding photographer has their own style and approach. If your images are bright and vibrant, they’ll look amazing on Rock n Roll Bride, English Wedding or Boho Weddings. If your photography has an ethereal, romantic fine art style it will fit perfectly with Wedding Sparrow or Magnolia Rouge (or English Wedding!).


Some wedding photographers are brilliant. Some bowl me over with their gorgeous images, their empathy, their signature styles. And (shhh) I have favourites. Sounds a little unfair, unprofessional even, doesn’t it?

Winters Barns Kent wedding blog Parkershots Photography (12)

Bear with me. 😉

Why do wedding photographers submit to blogs?

An easy question. For free promotion of their work to a huge readership. Top reason.

Also – for their brides and grooms. If you’d like to have your wedding featured on a blog, mention it to your photographer! They’re lovely people, and if you’ve found your photographer on a wedding blog it’s more than likely they’ll be happy to submit your wedding!

There’s another reason, and this is the one I like best of all: to build business friendships.

Photographers and wedding bloggers – a match made in…

Fair to say there’s a bit of a love / hate relationship between wedding bloggers and photographers, right? We know each other well. Photographers have a lot of contact with wedding bloggers via submissions, sponsorship and so on.


Usually it’s me who ruffles occasional wedding industry feathers – but it’s been a while and today’s feature is a reminder to me that I should never lose that particular edge! Let’s not forget that our industry, while it’s an amazing place to work, has a few faults here and there. I’ve been lucky to be involved in some incredible styled shoots this year, and I’ve been blessed with the fabulous suppliers I’ve met.

Tips for taking part in a styled bridal shoot by Sansine Photography (14)

So has lovely San from Sanshine Photography – and she’s on my list of people I’d love to work with one day! In the meantime though, this needs saying…

Wedding suppliers take note! 5 basic rules of editorial shoot etiquette

By San Shawe

The other week I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people from the wedding industry at Genuine Cakes in Watford. The meet up was designed for us to network over a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake and exchange news and ideas, however towards the end of the session our pleasant chat turned into a passionate discussion on the topic of styled shoots. It has quickly become apparent that quite a few wedding industry professionals won’t even consider participating in styled shoots anymore because they got so badly burned before…


If Simon Cowell got in touch with a list of the UK’s top 50 wedding bands, I’d be less than impressed. He’s no expert on music if you ask me… just a very shrewd businessman. When I see a list of ‘the top 50‘ or ‘the UK’s best‘ I’ll sit up and pay attention if it’s compiled by an expert. Otherwise, I’m at best disinterested and at worst alarmingly cynical about these sorts of things.

real English wedding

Image credit http://www.duntonsphotography.co.uk/

Who knows who’s best?

I was included in a list of ‘the UK’s top 25 wedding bloggers‘ back in July. Nice to be noticed, I guess. I wonder how GoHen compiled the list – from Google? or by looking on UKWed.com maybe.

A list of wedding bloggers is harmless. But a little while later I noticed they’d published a list of the top 50 UK wedding photographers (here). Uh-oh… The article is written by GoHen – “the dedicated hen weekends division of StagWeb – the event specialists, established in 2001”. Their ‘about’ page gives no mention of any expertise in wedding photography.


If you ever hear me talk about “the bridal industry” you can shoot me. It makes me squirm, like nails on a blackboard… you know the feeling?

Cambridge wedding by Chris Hanley Photography (28)

Photo credit Chris Hanley Photography: www.ChrisHanleyPhotography.com

Do you think the wedding industry’s sexist?

I kind of understand where the phrase “bridal industry” comes from: brides are often more involved in wedding planning, especially in arranging all the finer details and decor. Many grooms aren’t interested in the flowers and favours – which is fine! If you’ve made the decision as a couple that those jobs are for girls, then great!

However, if you head to your florist together for a chat about wedding flowers, and the florist ignores you and talks to your fiancee instead… or worse, assumes you’re only there because it’s your wallet – then that’s just wrong!

And you wouldn’t be the first to find yourself in that situation either.