On behalf of TDR Bridal, Birmingham

There’s nothing like that feeling, on your wedding day, of wearing your once-in-a-lifetime dress and saying ‘I do’ before all of your family and friends. It’s the most incredible, dream come true kind of sensation – absolute bliss and joy and love. That’s why your wedding dress won’t be “just a dress”. It’ll be so very much more.

A wedding dress represents everything about your wedding. Look at your dress on its hanger when it’s in your home, days before your wedding and you’ll see more than just a beautiful gown. You’ll feel that shiver of excitement, anticipation and even a little overwhelm as you picture the wedding day to come. You’ll look at your wedding dress and see the love in your groom or bride’s face as you walk towards them to say your vows. That dress is about the two of you. It’s about your day and it carries all of the joy in every tiny detail.