Understated luxury wedding styling in Hampshire by Jenna Hewitt, with Kitty Wheeler Shaw Photography (9)

We’re looking back on an amazing year of real weddings, editorial photoshoots and glorious prettiness on the English Wedding Blog. We’ve shared features with so many amazing suppliers, I wanted to introduce you to some of our favourites today – and where better to begin than with the folks who turn dreams into reality? It takes a huge amount of talent and skill to be a wedding stylist and planner: these guys have an eye for beautiful design and a head for figures, logistics and calm reassurance. I take my hat off to every single one of these wonderful ladies – and I would recommend them to any couple looking for a little extra help with any aspect of wedding planning.

In no particular order, my top 15 recommended wedding planners and stylists for your 2018 wedding are…


As specialists in designing and producing marquee weddings, working in a variety of structures from Sperry Tents to Clearspan Marquees and everything in between, lovely Michelle from Pocketful of Dreams (more info at the end of the post!) has plenty of expert advice to share on styling a wedding marquee for maximum impact.

Image: Lucas & Co

If you want to create a wedding that is truly personal to you then a marquee allows you to do just that. You get the chance to build your wedding space from the ground up and have full control over the look and feel, as well as your choice of suppliers which will all impact on the experience your guests will have.  Typical wedding venues often have their own distinctive aesthetic, whereas a marquee is a true blank canvas. You literally have layers and layers of white canvas to play with and to style to your liking. Which is both an incredibly exciting opportunity and a daunting one to boot“.


I’ve known Fiona through the English Wedding Blog for years. She’s an absolute gem of the wedding world – a super talented photographer and one of those genuinely lovely people whose emails can brighten up an entire week. So when Fiona sent me images of her and David’s very own wedding, I instantly knew I had to share it with all of you – and oh my, it’s just so beautiful!

Fabulous inspo for a 1920s vintage wedding at Broughton Hall on the English Wedding Blog (4)

“I loved our wedding, perhaps most of all because we had such a beautiful ceremony. I had a lovely friend who is a priest perform the ceremony, and we got married in a gorgeous private Catholic chapel owned by the Tempest family for ten centuries. While I was saying my vows I looked up at my husband (who is very tall) and noticed the ceiling, which was covered with blue and gold stars. It felt almost as if we were saying our vows under heaven! We also had a blessing for my son, Leo.”

Fabulous inspo for a 1920s vintage wedding at Broughton Hall on the English Wedding Blog (23)