A guest article by Onlyway

So, what’s new for bridesmaids in 2019?

The trend for mix and match continues apace, and Onlyway is one step ahead of the game, offering no less than 42 colours, with dresses that can be tied 15 fabulous ways. Designed and made in the UK – it’s perfectly on trend to buy British – using the finest of fabrics, Onlyway are leading the way with a huge range of styles for every size, shape and age. Here’s what our 200 boutique stockists tell us:

OnlyWay bridesmaid dresses UK independent brand (4)
OnlyWay bridesmaid dresses UK independent brand (5)

Easywear continues to be big news. While the complete look matters, comfort is everything. Weddings are action-packed and huge fun, but a very long day that demands an outfit to feel good from daybreak til dawn the next day (if necessary!).

While comfort is key, fashion, colour and fun are important, too. Jewel colours have banished the blush – taking over from the pretty pastels, here come sapphire, plum, wine, navy and mustard hues. Continue to mix and match for best results.