Eco styling ideas for a summer picnic wedding with Bohotanical and the Gilded Fern (42)

All images by One Love Pictures & flowers by Bohotanical

This one’s for all of you lovely brides and grooms considering alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet and arrangements. Inspired by a press release which landed in my inbox the other week – it was one of those where I disagreed with pretty much every word! – I just had to write a little about wedding flowers.

Too many couples – if the report is to be believed – think wedding flowers are overpriced (they’re not).

And too many couples seem to be turning to artificial wedding flowers – which have some serious downsides of their own. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts, with my humble experience of being a wedding blogger for 10 years and hearing the thoughts of hundreds of couples when it comes to wedding flowers.

Eco styling ideas for a summer picnic wedding with Bohotanical and the Gilded Fern (40)

I am a wedding blogger with vegan tendencies. Eco is a big deal for me, and vegan is a #lifegoal I’m working on steadily (chocolate is holding me back)! My Instagram is half filled with wedding pretty; and half with vegan and organic lifestyle influencers’ feeds. These two things make me so happy… and it’s a rare treat indeed to see my two favourite things come together on English Wedding! Gwenda from Bohotanical – you know I love you, right? With the deepest admiration and respect for THE most amazing team of wedding creatives, let’s have a look at today’s photoshoot, shall we?


Eco styling ideas for a summer picnic wedding with Bohotanical and the Gilded Fern (3)

Concepts, flowers and styling are by Gwenda (Bohotanical & The Gilded Fern)
“I first had the pleasure of working at Bore Place in 2017, and was immediately captivated by both its beauty and the ecological ethos that underpins it. The founders of the charitable trust wanted to explore how to live and work sustainably, understanding and recognising the interconnectedness of the environmental, social, economic and political aspects of sustainability. They sought to achieve this through practical action and by working cooperatively with others in order to share and inspire change, which they do through community projects, education, green tourism, and leading by example on the farm itself. I was thrilled when they agreed to host the shoot!


People ask me what I look for from a wedding submission for the blog…and this shot of a Laura’s bouquet is exactly the kind of image I LOVE… it sets the scene for one of the loveliest weddings I’ve seen all year. Bride Laura is gorgeous, Kris is ever so handsome, and the images capture the spirit of the day from the ceremony through to the dancing at the end of the night – and with so many glorious details in between. I’m thrilled to feature Kris and Laura’s wedding on the English Wedding Blog

Tenterden harvest festival wedding blog by One Love Pictures (28)

We hadn’t really gone for a theme, we just wanted something quite informal (hence the non matching bridesmaid dresses). When I got my dress we worked the style and materials around that. Kris’s waistcoat had been worn by his step-dad at his wedding to Kris’s mum so we were thrilled to be offered that, and that helped set the colour scheme, and we live a very rural life in Wiltshire so it was natural to go for a sort of harvest festival feel with the wheat ears.