You know when something is so beautiful it takes your breath away? When you’re captivated by an image which stays in your mind for days, weeks even? I’ve been sharing sneak peeks of today’s ethereal bridal inspiration shoot across all of my social media for weeks… and the haunting aesthetic steals my heart every time I catch a glimpse of the images.

All photos are by Susan Arnold Photography

Every inspiration shoot is based around a theme. Ours was a bride yearning for her love to return to her: a love so strong her belief could never fade, never wane. This timeless aesthetic fits beautiful with the location of the shoot: the crumbling walls of Scadbury’s moated manor.


Hello, beautiful! In a few short weeks I will be heading into my favourite UK city for a little Christmas shopping… and to teach my last modern calligraphy workshop of the year. 2016 has been amazing, I’ve loved every workshop and I’d love you to join me to make this last one of the year the best workshop ever!

Online booking here

We have 15 places for crafty brides-to-be, Mums, best girls and guys to come along and learn the art of beautiful modern lettering. It’s not as hard as you’d think… but at the same time it’s one of those things where everyone needs just a little guidance to get started.


A few weeks ago I fell head over heels in love with My Fayre Favourite: real vintage accessories given new life by designer Charlotte, and sold worldwide in her Etsy shop. I’m sooo thrilled to be able to show you her beautiful one-off designs as part of a gorgeous and inspiring vintage shoot at Sprivers Mansion in Kent.

Vintage wedding accessories My Fayre Favourite Penny Young Photography (4)

Images are by the very lovely Penny Young Photography. Penny’s featured many times on the English Wedding Blog and her images are always inspiring. Find out more about her here:


Vintage wedding accessories My Fayre Favourite Penny Young Photography (7)