What’s wrong with this phrase? “On my wedding day…

You might say the answer is simple: that a wedding is never about one person. It should always be “our” wedding day.

You’re absolutely right. But there’s so much more –

  • talking about “my” wedding suggests you’re doing everything
  • which also implies, the person you’re marrying isn’t doing anything (or isn’t doing as much)
  • are you taking too much on?
  • will you be equal partners later? Why not start now?

Bridal inspiration, the bridal industry, Bride magazines…

I have also, for many years, worried that weddings and the media are far too focused on brides.

We read this article over on 166 Photography and were bowled over by its refreshing honesty and helpfulness. It’s kind of alarming how none of the wedding media seem to prioritise mental health in their messaging, and that needs to change. Studies have found that 70% of engaged couples or newlyweds described the process of planning a wedding as “extremely stressful”, and identified the top 5 emotions while planning a wedding to be:

  • Excited
  • Happy
  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxious