I ask brides and grooms whose weddings we feature where they spent more, and where they saved. Often couples splash out on the venue and save by making their own stationery. I personally think if you can invest a little time into making your own beautiful on-the-day stationery, it’s so worth it!

So today I have a sneak peek of an affordable (it’s only £25) online calligraphy workshop for creative brides and grooms to share with you. Calligraphy is a beautiful way to turn simple stationery pieces into little treasures. And the modern styles aren’t really that hard to learn!


Wedding DIY in 2017 is nothing new: we’ve all seen mason jars, glitter craft projects and yards of homemade bunting. But the trend is becoming more focused, with a nod to artisan design and true craftsmanship – simply wrapping everything up in hessian and lace is beginning to look just a little dated.

Beautiful calligraphy in a modern style photographed in Venice by Amanda Karen Photography (6)

The latest wedding style trends are all about skill. We love the abundance of flower workshops all over the UK. We’re excited by crafty hen parties, silversmithing workshops and brides and grooms who embrace a new challenge for their weddings. But our favourite simply has to be calligraphy.