Nestle into your sofa, sink back into your work chair, cradle that cup of tea and prepare to fall in LOVE with today’s beautiful wedding on the blog. Charlotte just looks amazing; Joe is as tall, dark and handsome as can be, and they married in the loveliest venue you can imagine. I love this wedding for the stunning images – also for Charlotte’s wonderful advice and tips for other brides and grooms. Don’t break yourself over DIY; don’t panic over details, do whatever feels right for YOU and plan to really enjoy your best day yet.

Luxury English wedding at Grand Harlaxton images by Kev Elkins Photography (30)

Try and savour the moments throughout the day, it really does go so quickly and by the end of it you will be absolutely exhausted but enjoy every single minute. Don’t worry about the small things: the days before the wedding I was losing sleep over how we were going to display the table plan and what the napkins would look like but on the day those things really didn’t matter. As long as you have food, music and your dress sorted you are good to go!


Hello everyone! I have a feature today which is lovely, and very seasidey-beachy (which is perfect for me living by the seaside)… and an interesting feature from an industry point of view. It’s a lot to take in, I know! But there’s something for everyone here and I hope you’ll find it interesting as well as beautiful!

Simply Bridal beach wedding shoot by Kev Elkins Photography (9)

A beach bridal shoot – Skegness in winter!

Wedding photographer Kev Elkins got in touch to share some images from his beach bridal shoot with us on the English Wedding Blog. He told me he’d been approached by a US dress retailer in December. They offered to send one of their dresses for use in a photoshoot (out of the blue!) and shipped a dress across to the UK for the occasion. Kev then asked one of his real brides to model the dress for a shoot on Skegness beach – and she’s beautiful, and shows how simple and gorgeous a little white dress can be!

Simply Bridal beach wedding shoot by Kev Elkins Photography (11)