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I’m so happy to be able to introduce you all to someone I feel as though I’ve known for a few years now. Lovely Penny has had her weddings featured on the English Wedding Blog more than once, and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve shared her pretty images in our feature articles and discussions on the blog. So I’m more than thrilled to be able to introduce this wonderful Kent wedding photographer and all round lovely lady to you as our newest English Wedding Blog sponsor today!

Kent wedding photographer Penny Young on the English Wedding Blog (16)

Contact & bookings: Penny Young Photography


Kent wedding photographer Penny Young on the English Wedding Blog (13)

Penny Young is a Kent based photographer, documenting beautiful wedding stories all across the South East and sometimes further afield.

“Weddings are about capturing real and unique relationships and no two weddings are the same which is the thing that I love the most.

I’m always looking to capture real moments with real emotion in a beautiful and authentic way. Wedding photos should be a record of not only how a day looked but also how it felt for the couple.


Happy Saturday lovely people! I hope you have a wonderful day planned – we’re in Manchester after an amazing concert last night, and heading back on the train to our lovely Lake District very soon. But first – I wanted to show you something really inspiring and gorgeous and fun: a beautifully lit, romantic wedding in Mexico. If you’re lucky enough to have a summer wedding outdoors in the UK, how about some amazing lighting like this to make your evening reception spectacular?!

Destination wedding photography Mexico Benjamin Toms (11)

Benjamin Toms – contact & bookings


This is a sneak peek from my friend and sponsor Benjamin Toms Photography, who landed an absolute dream wedding photography job last year second shooting for top Mexican photographer Daniel Aguilar.

Destination wedding photography Mexico Benjamin Toms (10)

Destination wedding photography Mexico Benjamin Toms (4)
Benjamin Toms Photography is based in Kent, and Ben photographs weddings around the UK and worldwide. If you’re looking for a destination wedding photographer, then do get in touch with Ben to discuss your plans – he’s an amazing photographer and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet 🙂


It’ll be spring very soon my lovelies… and then summer again, and we’ll be celebrating the gorgeous sunny days of weddings which make this little wedding blog’s heart sing! By the magic of the internet I have a beautiful June wedding to transport you right into summer this morning: gorgeous bride and groom Jo & Sam share their day…

Country wedding blog by Fiona Kelly Photography in London (49)

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Country wedding blog by Fiona Kelly Photography in London (35)

The decoration was all low key, we hung lanterns in the marquee along with wooden hearts but we wanted to keep the decoration to a minimum. Elvey Farm has its own florist, a wonderful lady called Lesley Masters. I gave Lesley some rough ideas and asked for everything to appear natural like it had just been picked from the garden and she came up with the beautiful creations.

Country wedding blog by Fiona Kelly Photography in London (26)

“I was delighted with the photography from our wedding. Fiona managed to capture the day perfectly and really reflected the country feel we tried to create. The candid photos of family and friends laughing during the speeches were wonderful.


I lied a little… Andy from Howling Basset Photography has been a sponsor of the English Wedding Blog before, and I’m delighted to say he’s back with us for the winter! So many couples start looking for their wedding photographer between September and March – it’s the perfect time to hook you up with great wedding photographers and I’m hoping to have lots of Andy’s real weddings from the summer to share with you soon!

wedding photography Kent (1)Howling Basset wedding photography is best described as “not traditional, not cutting edge, just beautiful, simple and elegant photography. Timeless, but with individuality and style.
Howling Basset Photography images of a winter wedding at The George in Rye (2)

Andy Stonier, aka Howling Basset, is a member of The Royal Photographic Society and has been a professional photographer for over 25 years. He started Howling Basset in 2004 and has since become one of Kent’s leading wedding photographers.

wedding photography Kent (5)

This level of wedding experience means I’m calm, professional and unobtrusive, helping me to best capture the full story on your biggest day. I simply love what I do; being part of and capturing the biggest day in a couple’s life is both an honour and rare privilege.”


With Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms

When I publish a real wedding on the English Wedding Blog I always try to begin the feature with a few key images: a shot of the bride, some gorgeous detail I’ve fallen in love with, and my favourite couple portrait. The combination of these types of images tends to capture the spirit of the day and show off the best photography as well.

Beautiful wedding photography advice and tips by Benjamin Toms, Kent (4)

Couple portraits especially appeal to me. They don’t have to be posed or formal (and there’s nothing I avoid more than a ‘cake cutting’ shot for the blog!) but I really do love those romantic images: a forehead kiss or a wedding day hug can melt my heart in seconds.

I often hear couples say they worried about portraits – if you’re nervous of having your photo taken then I promise you’re not alone… and all you need is a great wedding photographer to make you feel at ease. You’ll be thrilled with the results, I promise!


By Benjamin Toms

The most important part of your wedding day will be – I imagine – when you both say ‘I do’. But when I asked Ben Toms (my Kent wedding photographer friend) about his most important time of a wedding day, his response was super interesting – I think you’ll find this very, very useful…

wedding photography advice Benjamin Toms Kent (4)

There are usually two hours or so between the end of a wedding ceremony and the start of the meal where the most important wedding photographs all happen. These are the moments you’ll cherish forever: some you’ll have seen, some you’ll be in! – and some you’ll have missed on the day and will treasure for years to come.

I always advise my couples to allow two hours between the ceremony and the meal, and it’s amazing how fast that time goes. Let’s look at it one bit at a time.

After your ceremony is the best time to take group photos. I recommend allowing half an hour for group shots, and if at all possible it’s brilliant to take these just after your ceremony (find out why).


With Benjamin Toms


The title sounds like a dirty joke, but today’s feature article is about respect and negotiation. It’s about understanding different perspectives on marriage and working with some very key people to create wonderful memories of your marriage ceremony.

I’ve met some amazing vicars at weddings: the ones with beaming smiles who make guests feel incredibly welcome and the ones who make a little joke to diffuse tension around the room. The same goes for registrars, and I was chatting to Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms about the lovely registrars and vicars he’s worked with too. This feature article is based on our conversation and with his excellent and generous advice.

You’ll have seen beautiful ceremony photos on wedding blogs: the bride walking down the aisle, the first glance between bride and groom, the exchange of rings, the ‘you may kiss the bride’ moment and the occasional giggle as a toddler joins in with the ceremony perhaps. One of my favourite images is of a pew full of bridesmaids smiling with tears in their eyes… but it’s not an image you’ll see at every wedding.


Happy Wednesday everyone! Would you like some beautiful images to brighten your morning? Me too… and I have the perfect thing. I had a lovely chat with my friend and long term supporter of the English Wedding Blog the other day: the fabulous Benjamin Toms. Ben is a Kent wedding photographer who specialises in documentary photography.

Benjamin Toms wedding photographer Kent (1)

A brand new wedding photography website and a £100 saving for you!


Ben’s website has had a complete redesign and is looking fantastic. He’s been busy revamping the entire site which has relaunched with a gorgeous slideshow featuring tantalising peeks at some of his best wedding images. Ben’s beautiful brides and great-looking grooms are only the tip of the iceberg: I’m smiling to see the brilliant toastmaster in full flow, the guests clearly having the time of their lives, and everyone from flower girls to puppies taking centre stage!
Benjamin Toms wedding photographer Kent (2)
Benjamin Toms wedding photographer Kent (3)
Benjamin Toms wedding photographer Kent (4)


Salmestone Grange wedding of Charlotte and Richard

The wonderful Salmestone Grange in Margate Kent was the setting for Charlotte and Richard’s big day. They married in the ancient, small and intimate Salmestone Chapel then after photos it was off to nearby Manston for the reception in a friend’s garden. Two marquees one for the food and the other for the entertainment, oh and a home built Gin Palace too.

salmestone-grange-wedding-0001 salmestone-grange-wedding-0002 salmestone-grange-wedding-0003

Howling Basset Photography




salmestone-grange-wedding-0004 salmestone-grange-wedding-0005 salmestone-grange-wedding-0006 salmestone-grange-wedding-0007 salmestone-grange-wedding-0008 salmestone-grange-wedding-0009 salmestone-grange-wedding-0010 salmestone-grange-wedding-0011 salmestone-grange-wedding-0012 salmestone-grange-wedding-0013 salmestone-grange-wedding-0014 salmestone-grange-wedding-0015 salmestone-grange-wedding-0016 salmestone-grange-wedding-0017 salmestone-grange-wedding-0018 salmestone-grange-wedding-0019 salmestone-grange-wedding-0020 salmestone-grange-wedding-0021 salmestone-grange-wedding-0022 salmestone-grange-wedding-0023 salmestone-grange-wedding-0024 salmestone-grange-wedding-0025 salmestone-grange-wedding-0026 salmestone-grange-wedding-0027 salmestone-grange-wedding-0028 salmestone-grange-wedding-0029 salmestone-grange-wedding-0030 salmestone-grange-wedding-0031 salmestone-grange-wedding-0032 salmestone-grange-wedding-0033 salmestone-grange-wedding-0034 salmestone-grange-wedding-0035 salmestone-grange-wedding-0036 salmestone-grange-wedding-0037 salmestone-grange-wedding-0038 salmestone-grange-wedding-0039 salmestone-grange-wedding-0040


Shepherd Neame Kent wedding photography of the lovely Carly and Paul

A lovely start to the day for the bridal preparations at the recently and beautifully refurbished Marine Hotel in Tankerton, Kent. Then a short drive along the coast in a 1956 Morris Minor for Carly and her dad to the market town of Faversham to the Shepherd Neame visitor centre for the wedding ceremony.shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0180shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-howling-basset

A new venue for me to shoot and it’s a rabbit warren of features and surprises. The evening reception was a vast and interesting space and part of the museum itself. There was even a genuine Spitfire cockpit that of course any self-respecting groom just had to have a try in.

Kent wedding photography Kent wedding photography Kent wedding photography

Howling Basset Photography


shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0155 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0156 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0157 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0158 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0159 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0160 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0161 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0162 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0164 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0166 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0167 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0168 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0170 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0171 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0172 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0174 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0175 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0176 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0177 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0178 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0179 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0180 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0181 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0182 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0183 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0184 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0185 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0186 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0188 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0189 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0190 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0192 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0193 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0194 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0195 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0196 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0197 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0199 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0200 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0201 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0202 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0203 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0204 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0205 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0206 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0207 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0208 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0209 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0210 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0211 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0212 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0213 shepherd-neame-brewery-wedding-0215


Hey everyone! What a week it’s turning out to be… after a weekend of adventures and escapades with all of my favourite peope I’m settling down with a hot chocolate and a cookie to share some really great features on the English Wedding Blog this week. First off, I’m truly delighted to introduce you to lovely Steven Dungate, aka Duntons Photography.

Kent wedding photography

Emma and Matthew’s English church hall wedding in Kent | Image credit Duntons Photography

You’ll remember Steven from Emma and Matthew’s church hall wedding on Saturday – his images of their day were just divine. Now I’d like to introduce you to the man behind the camera: a wedding photographer based in Kent, working in London, Sussex and beyond. Steven says, “I am passionate about capturing those special milestones that serve as the bookmarks to the stories of our lives. I pride myself on my unobtrusive approach to photography and believe this is the only way to capture an image 100% truthfully to the moment it was taken in.

kent wedding photography


Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a lovely day so far – it’s definitely time for a cuppa and a bit of wedding planning time though… so why not join me in welcoming lovely Kent wedding photographer Aaron Tommasi to English Wedding Blog today.

wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (1)

I’ve known Aaron through his wedding photography for a little while now. We featured Joseph and Tamara’s wedding on the blog in January, and I was instantly struck by Aaron’s unique wedding photography style. His images are contemporary and creative – and as Aaron told me more about his approach to wedding photography last week I found myself really admiring his passion for his trade.

“The restraints and stigma of wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy are of our own mak­ing and we can be imag­i­na­tive and stretch the bound­aries as much as we like or dare.”Kent wedding photographer Aaron Tommasi

wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (2)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (3)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (4)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (5)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (6)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (7)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (8)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (9)
wedding photography kent by Aaron Tommasi (16)

If you’re getting married in Kent you should definitely read more about Aaron Tommasi. His background and the way he writes about wedding photography are truly inspiring. Aaron’s creativity shines from his images – there are more to inspire you on his dedicated English Wedding Blog page, or visit Aaron’s website at