For those of you with a creative soul, we have something special and oh so unique for you today! One of my trend predictions for 2018 weddings was a more edgy editorial style than we’ve seen in previous years, with darker hues and dramatic colours. Today’s editorial shoot brings this to life beautifully with jet black table linens and chairs making the most beautiful statement at Somerset’s Brympton House. The look is breathtaking and I hope you love it as much as I do! Pinterest fingers ready, everyone?!

Dark wedding styling ideas for 2018 weddings, with Emma Barrow Photography (8)


There was a time (and it feels like long ago), when we didn’t have the joys of the internet, social media or Pinterest.  When it comes to wedding style part of me thinks “how on earth did we manage” but the other half of me feels it was possibly a much simpler place.

Styling your 2018 wedding, expert advice by Jenna Hewitt. Photo credit Kitty Wheeler Shaw (1)