A girl lived with her mother on the outskirts of a smoky city. The girl was beautiful: she had a gentle smile and kind eyes with a little laughter behind them. Her hair was the colour of sunshine and she wore red. She loved red. She always wore red.

creative wedding photography blog shoot (1)

creative wedding photography blog shoot (2)The beautiful girl was in love. She was looking forward to seeing her beloved for a special date, so she decided to take a short cut through the forest to meet him. Smiling as she plucked her favourite cape from by the door – for she loved to be noticed – the beautiful girl stepped outside. Heads turned.

Little Red Riding Hood was her name.

creative wedding photography blog shoot (3)The forest was a magical place. Birds sang, cute little animals scurried around in the undergrowth, pretty flowers blossomed all year round. Little Red Riding Hood felt alive, free and happy there.

Only this day, something felt wrong.