Weddings do the oddest things to time. How often have you heard couples say “it all goes so fast” – and yet it takes aaaages to do everyone’s hair and make up and then lace up the back of a wedding dress! If you do one thing this week, take a little time to consider your wedding day timings. Start planning an itinerary – and chat with your hairdresser, your photographer and your caterers to make sure your day will run as smoothly as can be.

Merewood Lake District wedding Tiree Dawson Photography (30)

All the images used in this article are by lovely Tiree Dawson Photography, from Lisa and Richie’s Lake District wedding featured on the English Wedding Blog in July

I learn something new every day I write the English Wedding Blog, I really do! I read a lot of photographers’ own blogs, and one of the very best (I have a secret top 5!) is Lake District wedding photographer Tiree Dawson‘s. This is probably her second-best blog post: read it and you’ll learn a few things about wedding timings too! (Tiree’s best blog post is here – be warned, it will have you on the edge of your seat)