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Benjamin Toms is absolutely one of the best wedding photographers I know. Scrolling through his images is one of those things I genuinely treasure about my work as a wedding blogger. They bring me down to earth, focus my thoughts on what’s really important about weddings. It’s the moments of connection, the excitement, joy and happy overwhelm. The quiet, thoughtful shots, and the flashes of brilliant humour. Ben is based in Kent, and photographs weddings all around the UK – his 2017 adventures took him to weddings in Morocco, America and Poland. Ben captures beauty in everyone he photographs – more than that, he sees the character in everyone and it comes across in his images. Looking at the photos I’m about to show you, I can almost imagine how it felt – that moment in time, captured forever. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Kent or on planet Earth, you need to grab a cuppa and enjoy these wonderful wedding photos.

Kent wedding photography, beautiful quality images by Benjamin Toms (13)

Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms – best of 2017



Hey lovely! I hope you’re having a great day. I’m currently in foils, going (hopefully) from a rootsy blue to a summery blonde again… and I’m celebrating the arrival of new friends to the English Wedding Blog: the fabulous York Place Studios. I’ll be amazed if you haven’t heard of these guys. They are Dom, Liam, Alex and Matt: photographers and filmmakers with a striking and exciting aesthetic, and a vibrant spirit to everything they do. They’re amongst every blogger’s favourites, and I’m thrilled they’ve joined the English Wedding Blog. Here’s to featuring some incredible weddings over the next few months! Yay!!

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We are Yorkshire Wedding Photographers, Wedding Filmmakers and Storytellers. We are moment hunters. We are family. We thrive in the in-between and do things a little differently.”

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I love the life in these guys’ images: the way they can make me grin, bring a lump to my throat and take my breath away with their beauty all in a matter of seconds as I scroll through a wedding. This is what documentary wedding photographers do so amazingly well – and York Place Studios are among the very best.