Usually it’s me who ruffles occasional wedding industry feathers – but it’s been a while and today’s feature is a reminder to me that I should never lose that particular edge! Let’s not forget that our industry, while it’s an amazing place to work, has a few faults here and there. I’ve been lucky to be involved in some incredible styled shoots this year, and I’ve been blessed with the fabulous suppliers I’ve met.

Tips for taking part in a styled bridal shoot by Sansine Photography (14)

So has lovely San from Sanshine Photography – and she’s on my list of people I’d love to work with one day! In the meantime though, this needs saying…

Wedding suppliers take note! 5 basic rules of editorial shoot etiquette

By San Shawe

The other week I had the pleasure of meeting some awesome people from the wedding industry at Genuine Cakes in Watford. The meet up was designed for us to network over a cup of coffee and a delicious piece of cake and exchange news and ideas, however towards the end of the session our pleasant chat turned into a passionate discussion on the topic of styled shoots. It has quickly become apparent that quite a few wedding industry professionals won’t even consider participating in styled shoots anymore because they got so badly burned before…