Are you fed up of being indoors and do you feel cheated that your wedding has been postponed and your honeymoon cancelled? Who could have predicted that something we can’t even see would ruin the plans of so many. Well, here’s an idea for when you feel safe enough to have a night or two away from home… Why not plan something really cool and elope? On the Isle of Skye, wedding photographer Penny Hardie sees all kinds of tiny weddings – they don’t even have to be legally binding, in fact many aren’t.

Ready to Run Away? Isle of Skye elopements... (6)

Can’t Wait?

Ok, so legally you need to fill in forms, register with the local registry office and all that. On Skye we see many couples who have decided to ditch the formalities and do their own thing. They may have a legal ceremony before they arrive or when they get back home, but they come to make their own commitment to each other in the wide open stunning scenery. They may have a hand fasting and tie the knot, they may jump over a broom together and some just exchange their own words. We get a whole lot of people who bring their wedding dress thousands of miles just to have their pictures taken here.