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If you’re at that age when it seems like every friend, cousin and their hamster is getting hitched, I’m sure you’ll agree – boozed up, wild hen and stag dos are getting old very quickly. The penis straws are kitsch, the ass-exposed waiters are degrading, and the hangovers just aren’t worth it.

Luckily for you (and your liver), there are plenty of unique party ideas to celebrate your mate who’s about to get married. Workshops are an excellent way to have fun, get to know the rest of the bridal party, and pick up a new craft, all at the same time. What’s not to love about that?

Take your pick from these some somewhat quirky, but still unbelievably fun hen, stag and sten ideas that’ll be a total hit with everyone from the conservative Gran to the crazy out-there best friend.

Mixology Masterclass

This workshop is for those who want to get a little loosey-goosey, but not by knocking back shot after shot of tequila. 


English Wedding Blog isn’t always about the blogger – the guest writers who get in touch and share fabulous articles liven this place up no end! Today I have a great feature about celebrity hen nights. celebrity hens hen nights uk (6)

Thankfully there’s not a Kardashian in sight (not that I’d recognise one if it bit me) but some interesting tales of rather cooler celeb hens for you today, by Richard (see his bio at the end of the post!) Hope you enjoy this one, I did! Claire xx

Celebrity hen night ideas to aspire to!

Whether we like to deny it or not, we idolise certain celebrities and no matter if they’re wearing a particular dress out on the red carpet or launching a new perfume, you might be the first out to buy it or try to replicate it. But what about using what celebrities are up to in other walks of their life to inspire you in your own? It might sound a little bit sad but I’m not talking about the heady levels of those parents that named their children after what the Beckhams had called theirs and so on, but instead using the pre-nuptial celebrations of the rich and famous to gain some great hen do ideas!


Morning lovely people! Now, has anyone been eagle-eyed enough to spot the new feature in the menu bar up at the top there? I added a new page to English Wedding blog at the weekend – ideas for hen and stag weekends.

The pre-wedding adventure which, in our parents’ days, was one ale too many in the local pub / a bottle of wine with the girls at home, has turned into an extravaganza.

Hen and stag weekends – a modern adventure!

burlesque hen weekend activityNo longer are we content with a quiet celebration to send us into married life; as with weddings, hen and stag weekends have become competitive, exciting, expensive and with more options than you can count on a Chippendale’s fingers, toes and… well.

While a part of me longs to hear about a new love of vintage hen nights and stag dos to go with the thrifty, handmade wedding trend, I’m fascinated by all the options there are for hens and stags to let their hair down, dress up, dance, fight, scare themselves silly and even paint each other.