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Do you want a ceremony that is joyful, uplifting, memorable, magical, warm, sincere and most importantly authentically you? Or do you want a legally satisfactory but often emotionally hollow wedding ceremony?  I bet it’s the former.

The landscape of weddings in the UK is experiencing a beautiful shift – slowly but surely celebrant led ceremonies once a hidden gem are beginning to become a more prominent choice for couples seeking a truly personalised and meaningful wedding experience.

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Millennials are wanting their wedding ceremonies to be unique, customised and fun but equally do not want to veer too far off the traditional format of the day.

So let’s drill down the reasons why celebrant led ceremonies are so attractive to forward thinking couples.

Celebrant led Ceremonies

Wedding celebrants are trained to provide you with a tailor made ceremony designed to celebrate your union in a way which is meaningful and appropriate to you and your choices for your wedding and way of life.