An English wedding with an Italian twist? Oh yes… Suzanne and Glenn’s wedding party, which is all kinds of gorgeous, followed an intimate Italian wedding in Florence. So all their friends in the UK could share in the celebrations, they had a reception back home – and it rocks.

Beautiful Essex wedding photography by Amanda Karen on the English Wedding Blog (68)

Contact & Bookings: Amanda Karen Photography


“As we had a marquee all the decoration was down to us, we tried to keep it quite simple with cream carpet a white linings a lot of the marquee was open so to bring the outside area in. We hired a bar made from wooden pallets and a few other vintage features from Idyllic days.

I made invites, menus, and a wooden pallet filled with pictures of our families on their wedding days. I love anything like that and really enjoyed finding all the perfect elements for each project.”

Beautiful Essex wedding photography by Amanda Karen on the English Wedding Blog (12)

Words & images: Amanda Karen Photography


Hey everyone! I need your help today, as I’m searching far and wide for a lovely person to help me out a little behind the scenes at the English Wedding Blog. I don’t believe in interns (I wouldn’t work for free so I don’t expect anyone else to!) so I’m looking for the right person to spend just a couple of hours a week helping me with social media for the blog.

Spring wedding styled by Emma Tebbey and Aspire Photography Training with images by Melissa Beattie (1)

This image and all others used in the freelancer article is from a styled shoot at Aspire Photography Training. Styling is by Emma Tebbey and the Aspire team, images are by the fabulous Melissa Beattie Photography

Could it be you?

I’m looking for someone to help look after my social media: specifically Facebook and Pinterest. The work I’ll ask you to do will be on the English Wedding Blog Facebook Page and Pinterest boards, helping me share the blog content and looking out for fabulous new things to feature on these pages.

Spring wedding styled by Emma Tebbey and Aspire Photography Training with images by Melissa Beattie (6)


Hi everyone! Big hugs all round today because it’s party time at English Wedding Blog HQ.

wedding blog Christian Ward Photography

Photo credit Christian Ward Photography

We’re having a birthday… so forgive me for not actually being here right now as you read the blog! I’m either baking myself a Hungry Caterpillar birthday cake, skipping along the beach singing happy birthday to myself or pouring champagne on my coco pops right now (depending on the weather). Anyway, I thought I’d take the opportunity to share some of the best wedding blogs I’ve been reading over the last few weeks with you. Ready? Enjoy! Oh, and happy birthday everyone! Claire xxx

wedding ideas blog photo credit Rebecca Douglas

Photo credit Rebecca Douglas

Real weddings – the best real wedding blogs


Only those of you who are new to English Wedding Blog will be discovering Tierney Photography for the first time today. Sheffield wedding photographer Mark Tierney has been a supporter of the blog for many years, with some of his best weddings gracing these pages since the very early days of English Wedding.

Sheffield wedding photography

Tierney Photography – contemporary wedding photography from Sheffield

Contemporary wedding photography in Sheffield

I’m now delighted to welcome Mark and Tierney Photography as a sponsor of English Wedding Blog.

Mark Tier­ney is a con­tem­po­rary wed­ding pho­tog­ra­pher who aims to cap­ture the excite­ment and emo­tion of a couple’s wed­ding day. His style is a blend of nat­ural reportage wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phy and relaxed fam­ily pho­tographs, com­bined with cap­tur­ing cre­ative moments with the bride and groom.

contemporary wedding photography in Sheffield

Natural reportage wedding photography by Tierney Photography on English Wedding Blog

Please take five minutes to read more about Tierney Photography on the brand new Tierney Photography page of English Wedding Blog. Every one of my sponsors has their own dedicated page about their business – and each sponsor is chosen because I love what they do and how they work.


Hello there! I have a new badge for any wedding photographers whose work has featured on English Wedding Blog – please see below. This is yours to download and share on your website or blog if you have been featured here in the past. It’s a more contemporary design and fits with the new look of English Wedding!

featured on english wedding blog

Do link the badge back to your own feature, or to the blog home page as you wish 🙂

Get featured on English Wedding Blog for the first time

If you haven’t been featured on English Wedding Blog, then please don’t be shy! I’m always looking for new wedding photographers and exciting weddings to share with English Wedding Blog readers. Email me with your submissions at info@english-wedding.com

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I hope you’ve had a brilliant week and are all ready for the weekend. Today’s blog post is a very quick reminder that you can find English Wedding Blog online wherever you go…

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  1. On your mobile deviceEnglish Wedding Blog is optimised for mobiles so you should find the daily real wedding features look as fantastic on your phone as they do on your desktop, laptop, macbook or iPad. Enjoy!
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Hello! A quick update as I’ve uploaded a brand new media pack to the blog this week. If you’re a wedding business owner it’s free to read and easy to download – all the information on blog sponsorship is here for you to see.

media packI’m really delighted to see visits to the blog have shot up again this week – it’s fantastic to know that brides and grooms are reading the blog in their thousands… and the blog is attracting around 60% more readers than at the same time last year already!

So it’s a great time to be a wedding blogger, and the perfect time to join English Wedding Blog as a sponsor. If you’d like to be involved, email me: info@english-wedding.com

Claire xxx


Happy Sunday, you lovely person for popping over for a read this morning! If I could share my croissant with you I would… but it’s probably nearly gone now. Only a very quick blog post for today, to quietly mention that English Wedding Blog has a bit of a new look.

I haven’t paid for a new design, but simply tweaked the code behind my site and made some new images in Photoshop. The pics are from my wedding reception calligraphy collection and I thought they’d be a nice, light and bright way to decorate my wedding blog. What do you think?

english wedding blog uk design (2)

wedding calligrapher uk

The original wedding calligraphy collection on my website – click this image to see more

I’ve updated my facebook page header as well, and the new design ties in a little with my plans for 2013 – I hope to bring my various online businesses together in a more cohesive way. You might already know I’m a wedding calligrapher and divide my time between writing calligraphy for weddings full time during the week, and blogging real weddings here on my free evenings and weekends.


Hello there! A short, sweet and friendly blog post to kick off the New Year in style, I think! I hope you all had a wonderful evening… and to those of you who haven’t slept and are therefore still enjoying your wonderful evening now – a salute! There might be a very select few of you out there who have said “yes” to a proposal of marriage in the last few hours. I hope so – and I’d love to hear all about it if you have! Congratulations to anyone who is newly engaged!!! (And it’s no wonder if you haven’t slept!)

UK wedding blog photo credit Neil Redfern

Real weddings are all about the love! Click the image to see Vanessa and Michael’s Lancashire wedding on the blog

So I thought a quick introduction to English Wedding Blog would kick off the New Year nicely. It’s all about real weddings, accessible and achievable ideas, and perspective here. Weddings are all about love and marriage, and while we love stationery and accessories and details – we love gorgeous memories in words and pictures even more.


This is a rare blog post about me – Claire – the owner of the mind and typing fingers behind English Wedding Blog! Written in November 2011 with some edits November 2013. Hello!

seascale photo shoot (7)

As the blog is growing so quickly at the moment I thought I’d introduce myself to new readers, and update all my old friends on how my life has been turned upside down and plonked firmly back on its feet over the last year.

The incredible photos telling my story are by my good friend and source of endless creative inspiration – Chris Hanley Photography. Before we start… both Chris and I believe wedding bloggers shouldn’t take themselves too seriously. Ahem…

seascale photo shoot (1)
seascale photo shoot (2)
seascale photo shoot (3)

I’m a part-time wedding blogger, and part-time wedding calligrapher, as you may know. I started English Wedding Blog back in November 2009 at 6am on a quiet calligraphy day! The blog has grown massively (37,000 of you read it each month) with the support of the great friends I’ve made along the way – I’ve been privileged to meet with some inspiring and wonderful brides and grooms, as well as wedding suppliers and other bloggers, along the way.