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We should all be planning a sustainable wedding in the 2020s. Our responsibility to the planet doesn’t stop on our wedding days! So is your wedding goal to be plastic-free, zero waste or just to not have a bad impact on the world around you? Wherever you are on the sustainability scale – and let’s be realistic, we’re not all ready for composting toilets and vegan banquets – we have 60 simple, easy and sustainable wedding ideas which will work for YOU today.

Grab a cuppa, find your wedding planning journal and get ready to plan your little-bit-greener wedding!

1. Keep it intimate!

Sustainable weddings start with a small guest list. Having fewer people travel to your day will cut down on your wedding’s carbon footprint and wastage. And hey, intimate weddings are less stressful to plan and wonderfully relaxed and laid back! What’s not to love?

kent wedding photographer

Howling Basset was the Kent wedding photographer for Katie and Aaron’s lovely country wedding. They were married at St Peter & St Paul’s Church in Borden and then over to the delightful Frasers Coldharbour Farm for the reception. It was important to them that all the suppliers used and decorations etc were sourced within the UK. The boys’ suits were especially cool; Aaron wanted tweed but with a summer wedding it’s just too heavy a material so after scouring the country he found a bespoke tailor in Walsall to make their suits. Very dapper indeed.

Katie and Aaron had a beautiful woodland engagement shoot last year – you can click here to see some of their engagement photos but for today I hope you’ll enjoy this perfect eco friendly Kent wedding!



Katie and Aaron’s beautiful wedding at Frasers Coldharbour Farm with Kent wedding photographer Howling Basset


Howling Basset Photography


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A special hello this morning to any green brides and grooms. I have a guest post for you from the very lovely Harriet Wild from the Eden Project in Cornwall. I’m an eco-friendly wedding blogger (English Wedding Blog‘s laptop, lights and baking machine are all powered by Ecotricity, did you know?!) Needless to say I’m all for weddings which consider and help our world and environment so I am proud to have this guest blog post on the blog today. (Check out the wedding favours – Seed Bombs! Fantastic!)

ethical wedding advice (3)

An ethical wedding venue – wedding reception at The Eden Project. Photo credit Tom Griffiths

How to plan a green wedding

Gone are the days where the word ‘eco’ means hippy, tie-dye and poor quality. Having a low-impact wedding is a great way of saving a bob or two, while at the same time treading lightly on the planet. A ‘green wedding’ means that consumption, sustainability, creativity and careful sourcing are at the forefront of decisions.