Do you ever feel as though Instagram has opened up whole new worlds for you? I love being part of a tribe of wedding creatives, and following some amazing floral designers, seeing their beautiful creations and daily inspiration.

Wonderfully creative Wild Bunch flower workshops, image Lisa Webb Photography (31)

One of my favourite things is seeing craft workshops, and when I saw images from a recent class by Wild Bunch I was hooked. If there’s one thing I’d urge you to do while planning your wedding, it’s to attend a workshop and learn something creative and wonderful – anything! I asked lovely photographer Lisa Webb if I could share these images with you, and I was thrilled when she said yes. I hope they inspire and brighten your day as they have mine!


Timeless wedding style is worth its weight in diamonds. Creating a wedding day look which is timeless means you can look back on your day in 2 years, in 10 years and in 50 years – and you will still love everything about it. Your dress and suit will be elegant, flattering and simple. Your flowers will be breathtaking. You’ll dream of revisiting that amazing venue – and your wedding album will become a beautiful heirloom for generations to admire.

Timeless wedding photography by Fiona Kelly, London wedding photographer


Rachel and Matthew’s Sherbourne Park wedding is a glorious dose of summer with adorable puppies, fabulous flowers and delicate DIY detailing. It’s everything I love about English weddings: the sun shines, the smiles are everlasting, the venue is impressive and everyone is relaxed and having the time of their lives.

A summer fete wedding blog from Sherbourne House with Rob & Sarah Gillespie Photography (1)

Rachel and Matthew are gorgeous – their images by regular English Wedding Blog contributors Rob & Sarah Gillespie are colourful, exciting and make me smile. It’s a wonderful wedding from beginning to end and I hope you’ll find yourself smiling along with me by the end of today’s feature!


So the best thing in Rich and Victoria’s wedding report is the impeccable logic behind their wedding cakes: a Victoria sponge and a Rich chocolate cake… geddit?! Genius – and this perfectly sets the scene for a wonderfully creative wedding with lots of DIY touches and vintage style. There were so many gorgeous images I’m not even showing you all of them right now – instead I’ll save some of my favourites for tomorrow in a ‘get the look’ feature to inspire you for your own creative wedding!

creative wedding blog Babb Photo (1)