I thought I was anti-racist. Now I know nothing I’ve thought, said or done has ever been enough. I’ve acted irresponsibly as a wedding blogger and publisher, and from today I want to change everything. I sent this blog post as an email to our wedding supplier contacts and I’ve had 10 replies to date… so I’m reaching out to all of our readers because I need your help to make this happen!

All images by our lovely member Fiona Kelly Photography; design and styling by the fabulous Ave Creations. (full supplier credits below)

I want to create something positive and permanent to support black brides and grooms, and black-owned wedding businesses in the UK. I’ve been reading, listening and learning to some of the amazing voices out there – Chenai at By Chenai, our lovely friend Cynthia at Oui Madam Bridal and Carla Thomas on the Via Airmail podcast, who led me to Nova Reid’s Tedx Talk.