Hello everyone! What a busy week we’re having – oodles of creativity on the blog with lots of wedding DIY ideas and so much more. In the same vein I wanted to bring you a bit of a collaborative guest blog post this afternoon. The lovely Sophie from Sherbet Lace shares her ideas for getting creative with your wedding planning – with a little help from yours truly! Enjoy. Claire xxx

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Sophie – Congratulations!! You’re getting married and there is so much to plan and to be excited about! What will you go for? The white and silver colour scheme or the white and gold? The sugared almond favours or the lovehearts?

Claire – …Or does the very notion of sugared almonds make your toes curl and your hair stand on end?! Perhaps even the idea of having a colour scheme at all gives rise to a dramatic sigh from either you or your other half? Yeah – me too.

wedding typography

Typography wedding inspiration on Green Wedding Shoes (credit www.onelove-photo.com)

You deserve a little rest. You’ve been working hard all week! It’s Friday. Take ten minutes and enjoy this wedding loveliness instead. No one’s watching…

Real weddings

Photo credit: Julie Ann Images via Whimsical Wonderland Weddings blog

Think creative

Emma & Justin - Clare West Photography

The competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to winner Katy!

I have a competition, some inspiration and a big treat for you today! I do love to harp on about creative weddings don’t I…. today though, I’ve decided it’s your turn! And I’m making it worth your while…

Emma & Justin - Clare West Photography

Emma & Justin - Clare West Photography

Because after all, I’m not planning my wedding – but you are. And I know from your comments, your emails and your tweets that you are a wonderfully creative and inspiring bunch of brides, grooms, even bridesmaids and wedding suppliers who are reading English Wedding blog.

Photo credit: Norsworthy Photography www.norsworthyweddings.com

I need your creative wedding ideas!

So… I want to hear about your best creative wedding ideas. Don’t be shy – share the little things that you’ve invented to make your wedding personal, special and a little bit unique.

Creative weddings aren’t always about bunting. If you’re doing a bit of wedding DIY, then brilliant. But it’s not just about that. Creativity is in the way you think:


I’m sat watching the royal wedding commentary on the BBC this morning as I type. It’s fascinating to see how the nation – led by the media – becomes so involved in the wedding day.

I was asked on Twitter yesterday about coverage of the royal wedding on this blog. “Surely it’s the ultimate English wedding?” @katylunsford asked me. And I’ve been considering the question since then.

Kate and William: the ultimate English Wedding?

Yes, in that the UK’s media is entirely tuned in. (Even as I put the tv on this morning, it was on Channel 5 from last night, and the kids’ tv presenter and his mascot were in capes and crowns.)

Yes, in that the world is watching! TV crews from around the world are in London to report on the big day. Why we’re having an Olympics next year I’ve no idea. The royal wedding is THE big event.


I’ve heard there was a big wedding show in That London this weekend. Sounds brilliant – the Designer Wedding Show. Ah… I wish I could have been there with all the coolest wedding suppliers and UK wedding bloggers out in force!

The Designer Wedding Show

Instead, while everyone was doing the DWS this weekend I was at home in sunny Manchester (yes! sunny!) doing some Pondering. Specifically about creative weddings, the influences in the wedding industry and pressures on brides to have certain things on their wedding days.

Planning a creative wedding

At the ideas stage of wedding planning I think the world is your oyster. It’s easy to dream – and every bride and groom should enjoy this stage of planning. Influences are everywhere: wedding magazines, blogs and websites especially.

A creative wedding in London. Photo credit: www.misterphill.com

Budgeting for a less creative wedding

Dreams are put to one side when the spreadsheets come out, I think. You plan your wedding budget and begin to research the big purchases: you visit your wedding venues, chat with a photographer, try wedding dresses on. And these experiences all bring new influences into your wedding planning: not necessarily good ones!