No two weddings are ever the same – every one is different because ultimately they come down to personality. And that’s why I love writing about weddings so much! Weddings are as unique as fingerprints: your stories will be as different as your choices of venue, photographer and details…

Arusha's Images Photography regal bridal shoot (10)

and oh, do I have a stunning styled shoot for you this afternoon! Hot from the lens of photographer Arusha this one blasts red, white and blue – and takes inspiration from the more luxurious aspects of the venue where the shoot took place.


Arusha told me, “I love the age old romance of red roses, and took inspiration from a poem, this time by Robert Burns:

“My love is like a red, red rose
That’s newly sprung in June:
My love is like a melody
That’s sweetly played in tune.”

I felt that with the red roses, and the red Jaguar I sourced, that other strong colours would naturally be blue and bridal white: so red, white and blue it was.


I’m going to remember July… when I look back on the English Wedding Blog features for the year I’ll be like, “oh July… that was when I shared that amazing Lakes wedding with Wainwrights and walking boots!” and quietly noted it as one of my favourite weddings of the year so far. I’ve always said weddings should be personal to you, whoever you are and whatever your crazy loves and hobbies may be! And if that’s muddy boots and cairns (Instagram friends will know it is for me!) then you’ll adore today’s wedding blog.

A beautiful Lake District wedding on the English Wedding Blog photographed by Tiree Dawson (41)

Lisa and Richie’s big day rocks. The details are fabulous – and for those of you who don’t know the Lakes like the back of your hands, just enjoy the cute little books and other fab details (and be grateful I didn’t show you every single Wainwright table name… because I wanted to!). There’s so much more to see, and the photos are superb!

A beautiful Lake District wedding on the English Wedding Blog photographed by Tiree Dawson (45)


Hi everyone! I hope you’re not working too hard this lovely morning 😉 as I have a gorgeous 1950s Hollywood wedding to share which will stop you in your tracks. It’s funny when wedding photographers get in touch with a submission for me, as they usually email and very politely ask if I’d like to feature a real wedding on the blog. Little do they know that behind the scenes here I’m jumping in the air and shouting “Oh My God yes PLEASE!” – as was the case when I first saw Emma and Alex’s big day in my inbox. Thank you oh so much Darren Williams Photography!

1950s Hollywood wedding Lancaster by Darren Williams (1)

My reply to Darren’s email says it all: “Within a second of clicking on your link it was a yes from me! What an amazing wedding 🙂 That first image had me smiling so much… there’s so much more to love too: the venue, the little dance in the doorway of the Ashton Memorial! Just wonderful!