Good morning everyone, I hope you’re all safe and my heart goes out to those of you affected by flooding today. We had some of the worst gales here yesterday, but it’s much calmer now here on the west coast. Now – if you haven’t seen me sneak peeking this wedding on the English Wedding facebook page, where’ve you been?! I’ve struggled to hold back on sharing all the beautiful images and ideas with you.

rustic Powys wedding Pixies in the Cellar (7)

Clare and Ian are just incredible. Their wedding is breathtaking! The rustic styling is beautiful and colourful, with gorgeous DIY touches throughout. Clare looks stunning and Ian and all the guys look great in sand coloured suits – perfect for the rustic theme. There are so many gorgeous things to watch out for, I think you should grab a cuppa and at least one biscuit and settle down to enjoy this one properly.

rustic Powys wedding Pixies in the Cellar (8)