We’re breaking down the pros and cons of artificial wedding flowers vs home grown florals on English Wedding today! Lots of you are looking for the most sustainable options for your wedding floral styling, and we’re here to help. I’ve included expert advice from Blooming Artificial, faux flower specialists, and Jess from Darcey Styling, a talented Lake District wedding florist and stylist with a passion for working with and sourcing blooms from Cumbria’s local flower growers.

All images by One Love Pictures & flowers by Bohotanical

This one’s for all of you lovely brides and grooms considering alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet and arrangements. Inspired by a press release which landed in my inbox the other week – it was one of those where I disagreed with pretty much every word! – I just had to write a little about wedding flowers.

Too many couples – if the report is to be believed – think wedding flowers are overpriced (they’re not).