Gorgeous Scottish wedding ideas from London's Caledonian Club, with Ben Pipe Photography (8)

Today’s wedding is one of those stunning celebrations which mixes traditional elegance with contemporary flavour. Laura’s dress is divine – both bride and groom are gorgeous and the little details of their day, especially the Scottish touches, make it something really special. The venue is the Caledonian Club, and the photographer is lovely Ben Pipe Photography.

Gorgeous Scottish wedding ideas from London's Caledonian Club, with Ben Pipe Photography (19)

Our florist was Lalage Barran Flowers. Lalage was introduced to me by St Columba’s Church where we were married. I knew that I wanted lots of flowers and had a good idea of colours, but I know nothing about the types of flowers themselves so Lalage was excellent at guiding me. After a few meetings, she was able to create exactly what I had hoped for. Lalage also made a mock-up of my bouquet for me a few weeks before the wedding day which really helped to reassure me that it would look as I expected on the day.

Gorgeous Scottish wedding ideas from London's Caledonian Club, with Ben Pipe Photography (20)


Hi everyone! How are you today? I’m on my fourth coffee having just discovered the genius trick of mixing hot chocolate powder in with it. Just gorgeous, try it!! …but not as gorgeous as today’s real wedding blog and fab couple Lisa and Kieran. They married at Dorset’s finest wedding venue (imho) Athelhampton House. It’s a 15th century manor with tons of character and the perfect choice for a traditional English wedding with a dash of vintage.

real wedding blog by Ben Pipe Photography (1)

All the photos are by lovely wedding photographer Ben Pipe, with the exception of the three photos of Lisa’s handmade wedding invitation, table plan and alternative guest book. (What should I be calling a guest book which isn’t a guest book?! I’ve no idea!) She told me they were a labour of love and the invitations alone took more than 30 hours… but worth every second 🙂

real wedding blog by Ben Pipe Photography (2)

Congratulations Lisa and Kieran, and thank you so much for being utterly fabulous and sharing your wedding day on the English Wedding Blog. Thanks to Ben Pipe too for the lovely wedding photos. Everyone – enjoy! Claire x


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I saw the pictures of Matt and Sarah’s wedding day and fell in love. There’s something about this couple which sings… they’re perfect together. And (while I’m a girl who’s usually more into kittens!), there are the loveliest photos of Sarah with her little baby girl which are so touching… I know you’ll love them: they brought a tear to my eye!

These are romantic wedding photographs with a compelling atmosphere to them. They are quiet, and joyful, and heartwarming – thanks to wedding photographer Ben Pipe.

Words are by Sarah and Matt. (My favourite words are about waiters in clown suits… towards the end. Brilliant – and just so apt for my wedding blog.) This kind of wedding makes me love what I do. To bits.

Weymouth wedding photography blog (23)
Weymouth wedding photography blog (1)“We met some five years ago at a party and within a month or so we were living in each other’s pockets, spending every second we could together and were well and truly in love. Since then we have not looked back, we have three gorgeous children (Ella, Alfie and Dixie) and are still as much in love today as we were when we first met.