A brilliantly fun wedding story in pictures told by York Place Studios at Appletreewick Craven Arms (38)

Time doesn’t stand still at weddings. Wedding blogs and magazines full of photos give the impression that a wedding is a series of amazing moments, stepping from one to another with a ‘click’, ‘click’ of a camera shutter at every step along the way. But the brides and grooms on English Wedding tell me – almost every time – that the day goes by SO FAST – it’s a sprint, a story which keeps on running like a fast-paced movie. There can be moments where ten things happen in the flash of an eye; and moments of stillness too. 

Why am I saying all this? Because today’s wedding from York Place Studios really brings it to mind. Rebecca and John’s wedding photos tell more than their story: they tell the story of everyone at their wedding – the joy and tears of the adorable children in their family. The excitement of their dogs as they get to play with so many brilliant people! The preparations in the morning, the ceremony, the reception and the dancing. I don’t doubt it felt as though this fabulous day was over in a second. But I know I could spend hours flicking through the wonderful photos, and seeing more moments to make me smile every time!