I love this article by brilliant Somerset wedding photographer Simon Biffen Photography

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and of course you want to have your nearest and dearest there to celebrate it with. However, if you’re an animal lover you may well be closer to your pet than some of your relatives! The opportunity therefore to include these four legged friends in some aspect of the wedding day has been managed by those keen (or mad) enough to bring them along!

Brilliant collection of animals at weddings photos by Somerset photographer Simon Biffen on English Wedding (11)

Dogs are a favourite at weddings and seem to sense that something big is happening, hence the fear of missing out is strong and they most definitely want to be a part of the action! They can often be found during the morning preparations where they can be relied on to provide a reassuring cuddle. Later on, if they are deemed responsible enough, they may have some part in the actual wedding ceremony, perhaps as your ring bearer or honorary usher. Often they’ll make a cameo appearance at the wedding reception where havoc generally ensues. Cats are definitely more inclined to take themselves off for a bit of peace and quiet during all this!