Eco styling ideas for a summer picnic wedding with Bohotanical and the Gilded Fern (42)

All images by One Love Pictures & flowers by Bohotanical

This one’s for all of you lovely brides and grooms considering alternatives to the traditional wedding bouquet and arrangements. Inspired by a press release which landed in my inbox the other week – it was one of those where I disagreed with pretty much every word! – I just had to write a little about wedding flowers.

Too many couples – if the report is to be believed – think wedding flowers are overpriced (they’re not).

And too many couples seem to be turning to artificial wedding flowers – which have some serious downsides of their own. So I thought I’d share a few thoughts, with my humble experience of being a wedding blogger for 10 years and hearing the thoughts of hundreds of couples when it comes to wedding flowers.


These flowers make me think of the seaside… the colours are magical, they’re light and dreamy… and perfect for a summer wedding. The loveliest thing about the bouquet is that it’s one you can make at home with quality silk flowers and our step by step tutorial by lovely Natasha at Pumpkin & Pye.

silk flower bouquet coral and blue (9)

Where to find quality silk flowers

Artificial flowers come in all shapes and sizes, and the quality varies hugely: garden centres and home stores sell the cheapest they can get. The only way to source really lovely silk blooms is online, and Natasha recommends whose website is testament to the pride they take in sourcing only the very best. Do take a look at Afloral online.

Make your own blue, coral and white bridal bouquet

You will need:-

artificial flowers and foliages of your choice, wire cutters, satin ribbon, floral twine, scissors and pearl pins

silk flower bouquet coral and blue (1)

Step 1:.

Use wire cutters to trim off all the excess leaves, leaving only leaves close to the flower head.


This morning’s lovely blog feature is for the craftily inclined and those of you looking to add a personal touch to your wedding day by incorporating a little DIY. Grab a friend, mum, or your other half and dive in to this morning’s step by step guide to making your own boutonnières.

diy wedding buttonhole silk flowers Pumpkin and Pye (10)

Huge thanks to lovely Natasha from Pumpkin & Pye for sharing her gorgeous boutonnière design with us – I adore the flowers, which go perfectly with the stunning rose and serenity bouquet project we featured a few weeks back. Natasha used gorgeous silk flowers from The boutonnière is just the most adorable creation and looks so much fun to make. I hope you love it as much as I do!

You will need:

Select smaller flower heads, sprigs of foliage and any berries or small succulents you would like to use.

diy wedding buttonhole silk flowers Pumpkin and Pye (1)

Step 1: Cut the stems of each flower/foliage to about 5cm or 2″ long.


I don’t know if Instagram and Pinterest have made us love flowers more, or if flowers led us to fall in love with Instagram and Pinterest in the first place… but I’m sure you’ll be Pinning today’s loveliness like crazy. I love the idea of hanging flowers in little vases up the walls of your wedding venue… and this super pretty wedding DIY project from Pumpkin & Pye‘s lovely Natasha shows you how!

hanging flower display tutorial by Pumpkin & Pye (6)

Don’t they look beautiful? Design & styling: Pumpkin & Pye | Image credit: Evolve Photography

Hanging vase backdrop 

You will need – flower stems, foliage stems, twine, scissors, wooden pole or nails to hang vases from (if your chosen wall doesn’t have beams to use)

hanging flower display tutorial by Pumpkin & Pye (1)

Step 1

Select your flower heads, foliage stems and vases (bottles, milk bottles and jam jars are perfect as the lip on these holds the twine in place once tied)

Step 2

Cut your flower/foliage stems to the desired length for each vase

hanging flower display tutorial by Pumpkin & Pye (5)

Step 3