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Back in July my postman arrived with the best little box of goodies I think he’s ever brought me. I was in the midst of planning a photoshoot, and had nervously contacted a handful of my favourite wedding creatives to see if they’d like to get involved. Every single yes meant an indrawn breath and a silent squeal of excitement. But when Clare Lloyd said she’d send me some of her work I was thrilled.

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Imagine if you could buy all of your wedding accessories, your stationery – even your wedding cake in one beautifully appointed boutique. I love this concept – independent wedding designers all under one roof, and an exciting space for your hen party workshop as well!

The Boutique - cooperative for independent bridal designers in London (7)

Tori Harris and Vicky Mallinson from established wedding brands Tori Harris Makeup & Hair and Victoria Millesime Accessories have just launched The Boutique – Bridal Cooperative in Fulham, London. Tori has written this feature to introduce you to The Boutique – if you visit, I’d love to hear just how wonderful it was!


I should wear flowers in my hair more often – in fact I think the last time was 3 years ago because I still have a photo of me and my buttercup! Perhaps it should be my first resolution for 2017: more hair flowers! Who’s with me?! You will be when you see today’s super pretty shoot, which I love for its colours and the fact it features a few rather lovely friends of the blog who I’ve come to know well over the last year… this is wonderful!

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Will you wear a flower crown? Or are you looking for more subtle floral accessories to suit a subtle colour palette? Girls – if soft white and ivory shades tinged with gold are your style then I have something super pretty to show you today!

Words & images: Yelena Smirnova

Add a heavenly finishing touch to your wedding dress with Yelena Smirnova`s exclusive floral headpieces from her new Gilded collection. The collection was inspired by the natural beauty of summer flowers with reference to the opulence and glamour of the Belle Époque era.