Sanyukta Shrestha

Ethical, sustainable luxury bridal designer Sanyukta Shrestha’s flagship store ‘Behuli by Sanyukta Shrestha’ in Fulham, has become the go-to destination for international brides dreaming of the perfect eco friendly wedding dresses.

Sanyukta Shrestha – in a nutshell

  • bespoke bridal fashion
  • vegan fabrics, ethically sourced
  • designed in London, handmade by artisan craftswomen in Nepal
  • bridesmaids, flower girls and evening wear

As a nature lover, I am charmed by the tranquility that surrounds my home. All seasons passed by over the years but I couldn’t stop falling in love with the romanticism of Autumn. I waited until the end of October for leaves to be turning with shades of golden yellow and orange and to naturally fall, to capture the whole beauty of my collection, in which ‘Autumn’ itself is an inspiration. –  Sanyukta Shrestha

The passion behind Sanyukta Shrestha’s bridal collections is clear as a drop of autumn dew: the dresses breathtaking and the ethics a shining star to lead us into a new decade. Sustainability has to be the key promise for EVERY wedding brand going forwards – and Sanyukta Shrestha shows us how stunningly beautiful this ethical future will be.

Sanyukta Shreshtha’s bespoke wedding dresses are pure luxury, made with the most wonderful fabrics and innovative silhouettes and styling. They’re also made from hand woven and hand loomed fabrics, such as organic cotton, hemp silk and bamboo lace, made by and supporting women in rural Nepal.

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