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Hampshire florist Velvet Broon Flowers uses seasonal British blooms to create down-to-earth floral opulence for country loving couples, always with a personal touch.

Velvet Broon Flowers – in a nutshell

  • The business name ‘Velvet Broon’ reflects my Scottish heritage – ‘broon’ meaning brown. The name reflects the luxury I aim to bring to my couples’ weddings, but without pretentiousness.
  • At the heart of the business I want to make exquisite floral artistry accessible to everyone – I offer packages to suit a range of budgets, because I believe everyone should be able to have something truly beautiful regardless of spend
  • I am careful to always consider the personal touches when working on my clients’ flowers, whether it’s the favourite flower of a lost loved one nestled into a bridal bouquet, or a subtle nod to a personal memory – family is hugely significant to me and the couples I work with
  • Velvet Broon also provides floral accessories for horses! My pony Frankie is an integral part of my life, and I love to create matching garlands for my couples’ equine wedding guests – after all, a little girl’s first love is her horse
  • I use seasonal British blooms in my arrangements and pay special attention to the way the colours, textures and scents work together – I love to work with what is available, and the same stems can look utterly different throughout the year so I never create the same bouquet twice!

Velvet Broon Flowers is based in the Surrey & Hampshire area. I specialise in using seasonal blooms to tell the story of you as a couple, through luxurious floral artistry with a heart. I love to work with nature-loving, outdoorsy country couples (bonus points if you have four-legged friends!) to create a colourful, romantic tale when you tie the knot.

The floral arrangements produced here at Velvet Broon have been 20 years in the making, and are influenced by techniques, styles and ideas gathered in different parts of the world and the many colourful characters I have encountered. I have a deep appreciation for the creation of the exquisite, and ‘Velvet’ in the business name reflects the romantic opulence I strive for when creating your wedding flowers. Luxurious, elegant and timeless, my arrangements favour the romance of days gone by. Rich, bold and eye catching are the colours I am drawn to, alongside seasonal, fragrant British flowers and foliage.

An animal lover and treader of the countryside, I connect effortlessly with fellow equestrians especially and my beloved Highland pony Frankie can often be found hanging out with me on styled shoots. A true country girl at heart, I love the idea of marrying nature’s beautiful backdrop and floral decadence together to create your perfect wedding story.

I believe your wedding flowers should be a reflection of who you are, and I’ll craft your desired floral theme thoughtfully to give you a uniquely detailed display to delight you on your special day. It’s also important to me that everyone, regardless of their budget, can access exquisite florals for their wedding day – I believe we all deserve a little something beautiful! This is why I offer a range of packages for different budgets, to allow all my couples at least a little touch of the decadent.

For me it’s an honour to be involved in someone’s wedding day, especially when they involve a natural country setting, rustic or rural venue. A family affair, including the pets and ponies, makes me so delightedly happy – I know for a fact our two horses and dog will be first on my daughter’s guest list when she gets married! The more the merrier, don’t you think?

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