Through the magic of your real weddings, inspirational shoots and Instagram loveliness, I discover the most amazing people who are out there making beautiful things for weddings – and as ever, when I fall in love with a brand I simply have to share it with you. Welcome to the first supplier spotlight feature on the English Wedding Blog. I couldn’t think of a lovelier place to begin than…

The Occasional Goldsmith makes and upcycles beautiful jewellery from her Bristol studio (2)

Nestled in the heart of Bristol’s old city in a small workshop sits Sophie at The Occasional Goldsmith.

Sophie loves crafting beautiful jewellery.

The Occasional Goldsmith makes and upcycles beautiful jewellery from her Bristol studio (7)

benjamin toms photography

The English Wedding Blog would be but a speck of what it is today without the fabulous, inspiring and dedicated sponsors who fill its pages with gorgeousness every day. On a personal level too, I’ve learned so many things from people I’ve met along the way: every stationer, photographer, bridal shop owner and florist has an amazing story to tell and wisdom to share.

I had a brilliant chat with one of our lovely members, the brilliant Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms, earlier in the year and we put together a series of really useful advice and discussion features for you to enjoy. Here’s the first, and I’ll hand you over to Ben:

I had the absolute pleasure in February of meeting Kent wedding photographer Benjamin Toms (and his impeccably behaved black labrador Byron!) – and we talked and talked. Ben’s approach to wedding photography is inspiring. I only wish you could have been there to listen to him talk about the work he loves – and to learn, along with me, some wedding photography secrets! I wanted to reintroduce you to Ben today. He’s been a supporter of the English Wedding Blog for a long time and I adore his work – his photography is simply out of this world, and his dedication is second to none.