100 bloody lovely wedding photographers

Header image by Damien Vickers Photography

This list of our favourite UK wedding photographers has been three years in the making!…
We’ve been reading couples’ rave reviews since 2009, and fallen in love with a good few of their weddings along the way! Put it this way: we’ve spent 13 years discovering the very best UK wedding photographers – feels like it’s time to share!!!

Without the AMAZING wedding photographers out there, English Wedding just wouldn’t exist. We’re SO grateful. Our blog thrives on your stunning shots, and we’re always looking for new weddings to feature – get in touch here!

So here’s how we put together our list of 100 top UK wedding photographers.

The title came from Jonathan Coates, back in 2019. A throwaway comment on an email, a half-joking suggestion for a blog post… and here we are. We’ve been thinking it was a bloody good title for a blog post!

JS Coates

JS Coates

Our choices cover everyone.

Listening to the Another Idea podcast today, Philip White spoke about different perspectives of wedding photography. [Couples aren’t wedding photography experts; florists aren’t; wedding planners aren’t – and we’re all looking for completely different things when we choose wedding photographers.]

This list covers all of those perspectives – so alongside the most admired photographers in the business, we’ve listed:

  • favourite LGBTQ+ wedding photographers
  • international, destination and regional wedding photographers
  • alternative and very traditional wedding photographers
  • Some of our picks have huge experience while others are new, fresh and exciting
  • The styles are super varied with everything from raw documentary to fine art wedding photography here
  • We don’t underestimate the importance of having that ‘click’ with a wedding photographer – at the end of the day your photographer has to be a lovely human being you can talk to, confide in, have a giggle with. You’ll find a bunch of amazing humans in this list!

Some names on this list are people we’ve followed and worked with for years. Others we’ve discovered this year. One, we saw in action at a friend’s wedding this summer. Many are admired throughout the UK wedding industry – famous names, if you like! A few, we just LOVE their instagram. One or two have shared reviews online which have blown our minds. ALL of these are great reasons to choose a particular wedding photographer, so do dive in, click on the links and get in touch to check availability for the wedding photographer YOU love best!

In NO particular order…

100 bloody lovely UK wedding photographers

Newlyweds leaving the venue in a cloud of dried petal confetti. Unposed and natural wedding photography with real smiles, by York Place Studios

York Place Studios

Becky Harley Photography

Becky Harley Photography

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