Wedding chairs are a big thing for 2018. It’s rare nowadays to cover chairs; instead brides and grooms are sourcing their own chairs with a look to fit the style of their day. You’ll very rarely see a chair cover on a wedding blog – and I’ve featured so many wonderful shoots with ghost chairs, chiavari chairs, crossback wooden chairs and eclectic collections of chairs from chic city venues I thought it was about time we looked into the wedding chair mystery a little further!

Wedding chairs from Wedhead.co.uk and image credit Lucy Davenport at Sezincote

I spotted a great piece on alternative wedding chair styles on Wedhead‘s blog (which is a beautiful part of the internet all on its own, and highly recommended reading) which taught me so much about wedding chair styles. Lovely Anastasia explains that chair covers can be just as expensive (as much as £10 each!) to hire as chairs themselves – and someone has to spend an hour or five wrestling them onto the chairs… is it really worth it? (And then they come off… I’ve even seen people wearing chair covers at the end of one evening do! As ghosts. Not even kidding…)


If your wedding venue co-ordinator told you straight, “It doesn’t match your theme – in fact it’s awful – but don’t worry because it only covers every inch of your reception room”… would alarm bells ring?

nice wedding chairs uk

Lovely chairs from Claudia and Peter’s Preston Court wedding blog – image credit Howling Basset Photography http://howlingbasset.com/

If venue staff told you, “These are horrible but we’ll just cover them up. There are only 100 and everyone else has done it since 1985,” how would you respond?

Wedding chairs: good, bad, ugly?

You’ll have guessed I think that the second statement refers to chairs – there’s been plenty of discussion of chair covers on wedding blogs recently. It’s an odd one though: rather than buying nice chairs, so many wedding venues still think chair covers are the solution to everything. Personally I’d rather have a battered old green metal chair than a stretchy nylon white cover. Chair covers make me think of Casper – remember the friendly ghost? And if every restaurant, ever, can provide nice chairs, why can’t our wedding venues do the same? Fortunately the best wedding venues are beginning to provide beautiful chairs which don’t need covers – and I promise you, these venues are worth seeking out!


Hello! I owe this post to the lovely brides over on the You & Your Wedding forums – always a great source of inspiration for many UK wedding bloggers! I was reading a thread about how much it costs to rent wedding chairs which had me fascinated from beginning to end. The original poster asked “am I mad?” to be spending £200 on chair hire. Most replies were along the lines of “no, that seems reasonable” with one wonderfully insightful response of “in the real world £200 is a lot, but you’re in wedding land now“.


Craig and Katie’s chairs were lovely – see more from their Iscoyd Park wedding on the English Wedding Blog by clicking the image. Photo credit Kristian Leven http://kristianlevenphotography.co.uk

It’s so true, of course – our usual rules and common sense can fly out of the window when it comes to wedding planning. How many of us would spend more than £1,000.00 on a dress for any other occasion? The most expensive dress I own is from French Connection and I bought it for a whopping £75! I’ve never spent more than £200 on chairs*… and I also expect to keep them! But it’s true – weddings are different.